Lady Gaga Wore A Naked Jumpsuit And Gave Fans A 360-Degree View Of The Sexy Ensemble On Instagram

From Rita Ora at the Vanity Fair Oscars after party to Beyoncé at the Met Gala, the "naked dress" seems to find its way to make an appearance. This time, Lady Gaga wore a "naked" jumpsuit on her private jet, and it was a little spin off to the now popular naked dress. What I'm wondering most about is if she wore stick-on undies.

Normally, when I'm flying across the globe, I like to wear my comfiest sweats and oversized t-shirt, but Lady Gaga did the complete opposite. Dressed in a disco-inspired fishnet jumpsuit, with flared sleeves and bell bottoms, Mother Monster showed off some revealing travel wear.

Nonetheless she looked absolutely fab in the white, one-piece, which she accessorized with a simplistic clip-on bowtie. She practically gave all her Instagram followers and fans a 360-degree view of her nude outfit by uploading three pictures from different angles. The first photo is a full-body picture that reveals her entire gorgeous outfit, the second is a close-up on her torso, arms, and those flared sleeves, and the last photo has a caption that says, "Fly Me To The Moon, can I take stow your bags for you sire," and she is coyly turned to the side in order to show the back of her jumpsuit.

The smoky eye looks great in contrast to her white ensemble.

Her platinum updo is a little reminiscent of Elvis, no?

Peek-a-bootie! We love it.

Images: ladygaga/Instagram (3)