9 Of The Worst Things People Do While Kissing

There's a good chance that kissing is an integral part of your relationship. And when it's great, it's amazing. But when it's bad ... dear god, when it's bad. But how do you know if you're a good kisser? Yes, some of it is down to preference, but there are just some terrible kissers out there. And as difficult as it can be to try to explain to someone that their sexual technique is a little off, for some reason, with kissing, it's even more personal. And besides some gentle guidance, it can be sort of impossible to explain that you're not enjoying it, or even to just talk about kissing. And it can be a total dealbreaker.

Even worse, there are so many ways to be bad at kissing. Personally, I hate when it's really monotonous — like all tongue, with no coming up for air or mixing it up. But there are are lot of other ways it can go wrong. Too much spit, weird tongue movements, aggressive biting, mouth suction ... I looked at Reddit and found that, when it comes to kissing, there are a lot of different ways to be the worst. (Seriously, who tries to breathe in through the other person's mouth?!) Here are nine of the worst things people did when kissing:

1. The Slobberer

That is genuinely the worst after-kiss comment I've ever heard.

2. The Teeth Licker


3. The Jackhammer

That's not what tongues are for.

4. The Worst Kind Of Mouth Breather

Nope, not how air works.

5. The Washing Machine

I learned from Reddit that The Washing Machine is the official title for this. I'm glad there's a name for my horror.

6. The Onlooker

Keep your eyes closed. For the love of god.

7. The Cold Fish

Maybe worse than The Washing Machine, because at least in that case, there's a sign of life.

8. The Biter

A little bit of teeth on the lips is fine if that's what you're into. But please, no actual biting.

9. The Makeover

HOW?! HOWWWWWWWW?! What witchcraft is this?

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