Erika Jayne's Instagram Says It All

You can tell a lot about a person from their Instagram. And the woman rumored to be the newest cast member on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills , Erika Jayne, shows just how true that is. I haven't heard much about her besides the basics, but thanks to social media, I can infer quite a bit about how she would fit in with the other RHOBH ladies. Erika loves posting quotes, and based on these it's clear that she's the kind of person who likes to speak her mind and tell people exactly how she feels. She sounds like my kind of girl!

It's easy to find the basic bullet points about Erika — and don't get me wrong, her life is plenty intriguing — but Real Housewives isn't really about anyone's profession or hobbies. Erika is a pop singer with a strong club following, is married to lawyer Thomas Girardi, and will likely be introduced as a friend of Yolanda Foster's. But this show is all about social interaction. How is Erika going to get along with the other ladies? There's no word on that— yet. But her Instagram quotes all have a pretty strong point of view and indicate to me that there are plenty of reasons why Erika Jayne is going to be an entertaining addition to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

1. She Speaks Her Mind

Erika does not seem like the kind of woman to bite her tongue. I have a feeling her lines are going to be highly quotable and instantly turned into memes.

2. She Is All About Loyalty

This quote says to me that she is not the type of person to just use RHOBH to further her own career. She gets that it will be great exposure, but she wouldn't be willing to cause unnecessary drama or step on anyone's toes just to get her own shine.

3. She Is A People Person

It seems like relationships are very important to Erika. I predict that if the ladies are good to her, she'll be good to them. I also think she will have her her friends' backs and cut out those who don't do the same.

4. She Wears Her Heart On Her Sleeve

Erika is a total boss, but she still has feelings. This quote is showing me that Erika is sensitive to others, but could also indicate that she's might not take shade from the ladies very well.

5. She Is All About Individuality

She will definitely add some spice to the Beverly Hills crew.

6. She's Not Afraid To Make Enemies

It looks like Erika is not the type to conform just to fit in with a clique, so if she doesn't like a fellow Housewife or her opinions, she's not going to let it phase her.

7. She Can Get A Little Crazy

Erika is no wallflower. She has no problem getting the party started and getting a little wild. The women could benefit from having someone like her around. There are only so many tea parties and dinner parties that I can stand to watch.

8. She Is Passionate

Judging by this, she's going to have no qualms defending herself in an argument with her fellow Housewives.

9. She Doesn't Care What You Think

She is definitely going to be a major hit or miss with the ladies. It seems like Erika's life is full of extremes with nothing in between.

10. She Doesn't Let Other People's Opinions Affect Her

Once again, I feel like she's going to be a pretty polarizing presence among the Housewives, but the viewers are going to love her unique attitude.

11. She's A Hustler

It seems like Erika is always working for what she wants and doesn't leave anything to chance.

12. She Cannot Be Stereotyped

It seems Erika loves being an artist who can express all of her different sides. Hopefully, her wide range of experiences will help her connect and get along with the other ladies.

13. She Is Not The Type To Dress Down

Erika will fit in with the glamorous Beverly Hills women just fine.

14. She Is A Star

Erika may be the new girl when and if she joins the show, but I doubt she'll be someone who can be easily pushed around or messed with. She'll be there to make a lasting impression and will not be anyone's sidekick.

I think that Erika's authenticity is going to revive the series and that her fearlessness will make for some great television. Now all we have to do is wait for new episodes to see how she fits into the mix.