6 Things That Need To Happen When Tre Returns

I am getting pretty anxious waiting for the new season of Real Housewives of New Jersey to begin. I'm excited for the rumored return of Teresa Giudice to RHONJ, and I can't wait to see what she's like after her stint in prison. As far as I know, the reality series has not even started filming yet, but I am already coming up with hypothetical scenarios of what I want to see on screen during Season 7. And of course, it pretty much all involves Teresa since she's the nucleus of the show.

Pretty much every storyline revolves around Teresa and her family, and I wouldn't have it any other way. They are by far the most interesting people on the show. I'm pretty pumped that the people at Bravo seemingly agree with me, because reportedly the show is willing to work around Teresa's jail time.

Since the show has likely not started shooting yet, all I have are guesses, predictions, and hopes for what I want to see. I sadly have no connections to the cast or ways to get insider info, but I'm praying that it all of my predictions end up becoming true.

1. Joe Giudice Will Step Up

Teresa and her husband Joe were both sentenced to prison time, but are serving time one right after the other so that there will always be a parent home with their four girls. If the show includes footage from the time Teresa is still in jail, I hope that we get to see Joe as a very involved father while the children's mother is away.

2. Teresa & Melissa Will Continue To Get Along

I love it when Teresa and Melissa get along. They are adorable and hilarious in their scenes together and I am happy to see their children playing together and forming close relationships. Teresa needs a close ally on the show and her sister-in-law would be the perfect choice. It would be heart warming to see

3. Milania Will Still Have Her Sass

I assume that Milania is unshakable in the face of adversity. I hope that my favorite scene stealer continues to have her fun attitude even with all of the hard times her family has endured. Mlania says and does the darnedest things and I don't want that to ever change!

4. Jim Marchese Will Show Some Compassion Toward Teresa

Jim Marchese really rubbed me the wrong way last season. Yes, the Giudice family was in serious legal trouble, but I don't think it was necessary for Jim to judge them so harshly based on one circumstance. If he was so uncomfortable around the family, then he should have advised his wife not to join the cast or refrained from appearing on the show. Instead, he just tore into the Giudices the whole season when it was the last thing they needed.

5. Teresa Will Still Have Her Sense Of Humor

Of course, I want to see Teresa grow and mature after all she's been through, but I hope that Tre keeps some of the same qualities she's always had. She has a very endearing personality, a positive attitude, and a unique take on every situation. I hope that she is not hardened from her experiences and still has a that same fun sense of humor.

6. The Twins Will Apologize For Taking Their Victoria Gotti Anger Out On Teresa

I totally understand why Nicole Napolitano and Teresa Aprea were offended and upset that Victoria Gotti spread gossip about Teresa Aprea's husband Rino supposedly having sexual relations with their mother. (Whew!) But Teresa was not the one who started this. Sure, she didn't do much to stop it, but I feel like it's fair to say that she was preoccupied her own legal issues. The twins dragged this out for way too long and went after Teresa way too hard. They need to apologize and start anew.

Thank god we get to see Teresa Giudice back on television again. I don't know what to expect from her return, but I am hoping that at least some of my predictions become reality.