8 Reasons Teresa's 'RHONJ' Return Would Be Great

Real talk, Real Housewives of New Jersey would be nothing without Teresa Giudice. Sure, the other ladies have something to bring to the show and have had their moments, but they pale in comparison to the queen herself. Love her or hate her, Teresa's scenes are the ones that fans talk about forever and ever, which is part of the reason it's so great Teresa Giudice is returning to RHONJ for Season 7, Us Weekly reports. According to a source who spoke with Us, "She’s definitely back next season."

In my eyes the RHONJ cast is just a "six degrees of Teresa Giudice" situation. Teresa is this show. Have you seen new episodes on the air this summer? No. This is because its biggest star needs to return to her show first. It would be completely pointless watching a season of RHONJ without Teresa, because there would be no actual story lines, no quotable moments, and no controversy. It's Teresa's world and the other Housewives are just living in it.

If she is indeed returning, the other women and the fans should be extremely happy. There are plenty of reasons to be excited for Teresa Giudice to return to Real Housewives of New Jersey.

1. She Says The Best Things

It may seem like I'm throwing some shade with this one, but I'm really not. I love it when Teresa mispronounces words or just makes up her own. It's endearing entertainment.

2. She Gets A Little Confused

Teresa is the first one to admit when she doesn't know something. She has no shame asking what a word means or for some sort of further clarification. She tried to figure out the meaning of the word "sociopath" for an entire season and it still makes me laugh. I can't wait to see what she learns next season.

3. Milania Will Be Back

Teresa's daughter Milania is such a scene stealer. She can have a temper at times, but she says what we are all thinking and has the most hilarious delivery.

4. She'll Promote Her Products

It's normally annoying when the Real Housewives plug their products, but I just get such a kick out of it when Teresa goes out of the way to mention her drinks, cookbooks, or hair products. She's so shameless and it makes me laugh. Total. Boss.

5. She Just Love Love Loves

She's a pretty polarizing person, but she really isn't mean. Yes, she gets in arguments from time to time, but she always leads with being nice and tries to be sweet to everyone, even her haters — at least at first.

6. She Has The Most Iconic Moments

That table flip will live on forever. It is easily one of the most iconic moments in reality television. Pretty much every time Teresa is upset or offended, a memorable scene comes out of it. I'm sure she will have a lot to confront next season and the entertainment will be endless.

7. She Has The Most Relatable Facial Expressions

Teresa is always keeping it real. Even when she's not trying, she cannot help be react to situations with some sorta of over-the-top facial expression. She could not hide her emotions if she tried and I love her for it.

8. She Gives Everyone Else A Story Line

Last season (and even the one before) was all about Teresa. Melissa's main story line was her getting along with Teresa. The twins went after Teresa for not defending their mother against rumors. Everything revolved around the woman and if she wasn't around, the show would be painfully boring.

I cannot wait to see what Teresa brings to the next season because we all know it's going to be great.

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