10 Signs You're Obsessed With School Supplies

Remember the joy that ensued when a new school year rolled around? Probably not, because you were likely just filled with dread about having to leave the laziness of summer behind in order to head back into the regular routine of the school year. But, there was always one thing that was able to pull you out of that deep black hole of depression — the total glee of new school supplies.

Whether or not you want to admit to the nerdiness of jumping for joy when you picked up all of your school supplies, I'm willing to bet that almost every kid did it. That crisp new Spacemaker pencil case. Those glorious Lisa Frank folders without a single crease or bent corner. Your brand new pack of colored pencils, all perfectly sharpened and arranged. The excitement was almost too much to handle.

Now that I'm technically an "adult," I tend to feel a sense of homesickness when the new school year rolls around. But, I can't say with confidence that it's because I wish I were back in school. I honestly think I just miss being able to buy school supplies.

Think you might fit into the same crazy category as me? Here are 10 telltale signs that you're completely obsessed with school supplies — even if you don't actually need them anymore.

1. You still wander the school supplies aisle, even when you know you're not going to buy anything.

Who cares if you don't actually need to purchase any school supplies? You can still peruse the aisles, page through the fresh notebooks, and compare the different pencil cases. It's not weird at all — it's your passion.

2. You look at kids with jealous rage while they're shopping for school supplies.

Whenever you're at the store, you feel the undeniable urge to run up to children and yell, "This is the best time of your life! Enjoy every moment of it while you can, you ungrateful little whiner!" Harsh? Yes. True? Definitely.

3. You check out those school supplies lists for each grade, even though it's totally unnecessary.

You know those lists they have at the entrance of school supplies stores where parents can see the specific things their kids' teachers are requesting students to have for the year? You stop by and read those religiously. Do you have kids? No... but you've gotta stay updated on the latest school supplies developments.

4. You feel the overwhelming urge to smell notebooks and pencils.

Admittedly, this one probably sounds the creepiest. But, if you're a true lover of school supplies, you already know the best part is the smell of all of those fresh and unused supplies. There's just so much hope and promise in those untouched notebooks and boxes of pencils.

5. You can still remember exactly what your locker looked like — and it was the bomb.

A pink plastic organizer, a mirror, and a plethora of fun and bright magnets — your locker was the Taj Mahal of all lockers. It was your home away from home, so you needed to make sure it perfectly reflected your style and personality. And boy, did it ever.

6. You're contemplating babysitting or nannying, just so you can help kids shop for school supplies.

There has to be someone out there who wants your help shopping for supplies, right? Those kids across the street? The family you used to babysit for? You're seriously debating reaching out with a babysitting offer (for free!), just for the mere hope of wandering the school supplies aisles with a purpose.

7. You still find yourself setting aside paper bags that would make perfect book covers.

Sure, you could buy those stretchy covers for your textbooks at the store, but everybody knows it was way cooler to make your own using paper bags. Plus, you were practically the origami master of book covers. Your work was fast and high-quality. Too bad you can't turn that into a career.

8. You get shivers up your spine merely thinking of the thrill of organizing a new backpack.

Is there anything better than loading up a brand new backpack with all of your new stuff? No, there isn't. The thought alone is still enough to make you giddy with excitement.

9. You consider yourself a sensei of school supplies.

You have an abundance of school supplies knowledge, and you have a responsibility to share it with the uneducated masses. You've felt a near undeniable urge to approach kids while they're shopping for school supplies and tell them that they shouldn't buy those markers — they bleed through the paper. And, you don't really want a five-subject notebook. Just stick with the one-subject standard, you eager little thing.

10. You buy yourself a sympathy pack of pens while at the store — just to soften the blow.

No, they aren't metallic gel pens or an assortment of fine tip Sharpies. They're your standard pack of boring, black ballpoints. But, purchasing something new helps to lift your spirits nonetheless. Being an adult is terrible.

Images: Nick Amoscato/Flickr; Giphy (10)