How To Protect Boots From The Rain

I hate to be a buzzkill when it's only about to be fall, but now is definitely the time to start thinking about how to protect boots from the rain. As end-of-summer and autumn storms move in, make sure your boots aren't going to get destroyed. I can guarantee trying to simply avoid the monster puddles will not be enough.

As a gal who grew up in Texas and now lives in New York, I know from first hand experience how easy it is to sadly wreck a pair of boots, thanks to plenty of storms in both locations. If you've invested in a really great pair of boots, why risk ruining them?

If you're still looking for that perfect pair, check out this epic list of 11 types of fall boots and how to wear them. And then for giggles, learn what your fall boot choice says about you. You might be surprised what you find. Then, once you've found yourself a really reliable and snazzy pair for the season, get ready to learn how to protect them from water damage.

The tips below aren't tricky at all, and you'll be so glad next season when you can still wear your same pair of beloved boots. Good luck staying dry!

1. Use A Waterproofing Spray Or Soap

WikiHow recommends always spraying your boots with any shoe-safe waterproofing product before ever walking out the door in them. Sof Sole Water Proofer Spray, $5.99,

2. Keep Them Clean (And Dry)

As dirt and muck builds up on boots, they might start to smell or, in rare yucky instances, grow mold. Daily Finance suggests always giving your boots a quick rub down with a washcloth dipped in warm water and letting them dry out completely before wearing again.

3. Store Them In The Dark

In between wears, WikiHow suggests storing your boots in the dark to prevent any cracking or fading that too much sun exposure can easily cause. Who knew?

Image Credit: SZolkin/Unsplash; Courtesy of Brand