What Your Snapchat Habits Say About You

Do you have a friend you get a snapchat from once an hour? Let me guess: it's the same friend who updates their story every day with the exact same thing they just snapchatted to you. As Snapchat evolves (from new Snapchat interfaces, to new filters, to that Straight Outta Compton thing everyone is obsessed with right now), people's true snapping colors are starting to show. It's almost as creepy as Venmo in that you could probably guess how much people are spending if they snap you a picture of drinks every night. (And on that note, I love Venmo to death, but the fact that people can see other people's charges gives me the millennial version of the heebie jeebies.)

Personally, I'm only on Snapchat to receive, but never to give. (Teehee, sorry that phrasing was intentional because I'm a five-year-old who favors tech-related innuendo.) But really, I don't send snaps anymore, nor do I make snap stories, because I am too overwhelmed by the amount of apps there are to check. Posting on Instagram takes me a full five minutes, so I don't think I'm going to be a master Snapchat content creator anytime soon. That being said, I have plenty of experience getting snapchats, so I feel like I can be a fair judge on what it says about your personality. How do you Snapchat? Because here is what your Snapchat habits say about you:

If You Exclusively Send Snaps Of Food

What it says about you: You really like to eat out. You also really f*#$king like cheese. No, really, like you could talk about creamy cheeses (brie, camembert, those beautiful goat cheese logs) for a full 45 minutes, without taking a breath. You work hard, and like to treat yourself and you're all about sharing food digitally. See also: The One Who Has A Separate Instagram For Food.

If You Mainly Send Snaps When You're Out Drinking Or Partying

What it says about you: You're a sophomore in college and the novelty of getting into a bar is still blissful AF. Alternately, you are a 25-year-old bro who still thinks they're in college and brings home a 30 rack every weekend. Either way, you're drinking Genny light, but you also know how to have a good time, and play as hard as you work. So, props to you.

If You Are Only On Snapchat To Follow Your Friends

What it says about you: You are the silent killer when it comes to judgement, but you don't have any shame about it. (If it makes you feel better, this is definitely the category I fall into. When someone snaps something stupid, I want to know about it, and if I miss a judgey moment, I've missed an integral part of my day.)

If You Are A Snapchat Complainer

What it says about you: You like to share all things annoying on Snapchat, but wouldn't send a snap about your new job. It's digital whining. You are the champion of the "Bad Day" snap.

If You Are Only On Snapchat To Follow Celebrities

What it says about you: You work on the Internet.

If You Make Something Your Story And Then Also Send It Around As A Snapchat

What it says about you: You've just had an exciting milestone and you REALLY need everyone to know. So you (subtly) sent out a snap and then, by total accident, made it your story as well. When someone called you out, you giggled, and were like, "Oh! I didn't even notice." (I honestly believe that if you've sent the snap, you really don't need to put it in your story too. That's like linking your Twitter to Facebook so that your status updates every time you tweet.) But it's OK because we've all been there. You do you.

If You Only Snap Your Exes, And Then Try To Disguise It By Sending Your Snaps To Your Friends Also

What it says about you: Okay, let's be real, I did this for a while. You want your ex to miss you. Also, who knew people could see who viewed their Snapchat story? The day I found that out, I had a very real panic attack because anyone I've ever casually dated now knows I still stalk their stories. AWESOME.

If You Send Daily Snapchats, But Only To Your Best Friends Or Long Distance S.O.

What it says about you: Yeah, you overuse Snapchat, but it's in the name of love, and showing the people closest to you the little things in your life. It's cute, dammit.

If You Use Snapchat For The Filters So You Can Instagram Them

What it says about you: You Are The Most 2015 Babe Ever, And You Own It.

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