Shannon's 51st Birthday Was A Bust On 'RHOC'

It's her birthday and she will cry if she wants to. On Monday's episode of Real Housewives of Orange County , Shannon celebrated her birthday with David and her three daughters, except things didn't go very well. According to Shannon, her 50th birthday party was subpar — I guess they were "intimate," but after they were "intimate," David went to spend time with his mistress — so her 51st birthday needed to be special. With the kids in tow, the Beador family went to a sports bar/pub and everything that could hit the fan, did hit the fan.

After a bad 50th birthday, Shannon was hoping that David would go the extra mile to make this year's birthday really special. After all, their marriage is doing much better and that's what a caring, present husband does, right? Well, there really wasn't one thing about this birthday party that seemed to go right. Here's a rundown of all the things wrong with Shannon's birthday:

  • The sports bar- like pub David took them to.
  • The Grey Goose and extra lime didn't come with the limes squeezed into Shannon's drink.
  • The restaurant wasn't appropriate for the children.
  • The short ribs Shannon ordered had too much fat.
  • The short ribs weren't like the ribs Shannon makes.

So, after that, it seemed that Shannon's 51st birthday wasn't much better than her 50th. I hope that it actually was better than her 50th, since it seems like Shannon and her husband are in a much better place than they were a year ago. Plus, Vicki was surrounded by her children, which I am sure is incredibly special for her.

On that note, I feel for Shannon and David's children. They've had to see a lot of their parents' marital issues. While I understand that the honesty their parents have displayed will probably be best in the long run, you can tell that the kids struggle with the constant and public fighting on the show.

Hopefully Shannon's 52nd birthday goes off just as she'd like. Maybe Heather can throw it, since Heather knows how to throw a party.