Meghan & Vicki Start Their Mega-Feud On 'RHOC'

Well, it finally happened. The Meghan and Vicki confrontation on Real Housewives of Orange County that we've all been waiting for finally went down, and at Heather's construction house "tour" of all places. Is nothing sacred anymore that yet another party for Heather's extravagant groundbreaking/ construction plans has to be ruined by drama? On Monday, the women all gathered to tour Heather's ridiculously amazing hotel that she's opening for just her and her children. At the tour of the shopping mall-sized single family home, Vicki and Meghan finally confronted each other about the Brooks cancer skepticism, and things got ugly.

It didn't take long for the conversation to shift to Meghan questioning Brooks' cancer status. For the record, I don't think Meghan has ever once said "I don't think Brooks has cancer." While she is a inquiring person, she seems to be coming from a place of common ground, since she too was going through a cancer situation at the time with her husband Jimmy's first wife. Unfortunately, Vicki didn't see it from this point of view. Instead, Vicki started finger pointing at Meghan telling her to mind her own "flipping business."

I don't disagree with that, since, at the end of the day, Meghan really doesn't have any stake in Vicki and Brook's life. As Tamra points out, Vicki would not be freaking out at Meghan if she was lying about Brooks' cancer, so it seems that everything Vicki said comes from a genuinely angry place that someone would question her boyfriend (at the time) suffering from cancer.

The two argue about just about everything. At one point, religion was brought into the conversation, but thankfully that conversation was abandoned immediately. It all cumulated to Meghan tellings Vicki she was "an old woman who's pissed off and bitter at the world." Lovely, right? Just what I'm sure Heather pictured when she invited everyone to tour her construction site bigger than small towns in North Dakota.

The episode ended with that one-two punch by Meghan, but you can bet that will not be the end of the conversation. Not only will we hear more about this next week, but you know we'll hear about it at the reunion (and probably the rest of time, if we're just being honest).