You've Never Seen Facial Hair Like This Before

Many people already hold a special place in their hearts for bearded men, but guys behind The Gay Beard Instagram account are taking their appreciation for facial hair to a whole new level. Brian Delaurenti and Jonathan Dahl don't mess around when it comes to their beards. They decorate them with everything from flowers to bubbles, showing off their fun-loving personalities and fabulous style.

Run by two Portland-based best friends, the men have posted over 200 photos of beardspiration, and they're always willing to outfit their beards with something new, from completely covering their facial hair with pink glitter to getting a little messy with gay pride-inspired rainbow paint.

"We've always been creatively ambitious people, but we really wanted The Gay Beards to be a source of inspiration and humor for both beard lovers and haters alike," they told me via email. "You could say it just felt right."

Delaurenti started growing his beard in October of 2013 and, with Dahl not too far behind, they decided to take on Instagram together as new adventure. At the age of 25, these pals have not only managed to grow fabulous beards, but they may have even started a new men's accessories trend. Can you imagine this becoming the norm? Yes, please!

1. Sparkle And Shine

Because what the world really does need more men covered in glitter.

2. Flower Power

Just two dapper men with flower beards. Totally casual.

3. Up, Up, And Away

A little bulky, but it sure does brighten your day.

4. Getting Fruity

For the love of kale, these fruit salad beards look delicious.

5. Birthday Beards

Let's just hope they didn't light those candles.

6. Loud And Proud

Who needs a boar when you have a beard?

7. All Shapes And Sizes

Not necessarily practical, but interesting none the less.

8. Blown Away

How they didn't sneeze for this shot, I will never know.

9. Getting Lucky

Can you spot the four leaf clover?

10. Going Crazy

Just when you thought you had nothing to do with all those old pipe cleaners.

11. Bubble Trouble

But seriously, this is fabulous.

This could be the next big thing in beards, and with No-Shave November only two months away, you've got some time to practice your crafty skills.

Image: thegaybeards/Instagram