5 Male Sex Toys Your Partner Is Going To Love

Far too often when we think of sex toys we think of vibrators and dildos for women. While other sex toys come to mind, too, like handcuffs, whips, a gag-ball perhaps, male sex toys often get the shaft (pun!), and when it comes to men, straight men specifically, enjoying anal play has too much of a stigma attached to it. But here’s the kicker: Stigma aside, according to LELO, 71 percent of straight men have tried a prostate massager or would love to try it and 80 percent of women would perform a prostate massage on their partner if they were asked. How's that for numbers?

Swedish sex toy company LELO is on the case when it comes to prostate massagers for men. According to Steve Thomason, Marketing Director for LELO, “For too long prostate massage has been surrounded by myths and as a result it’s a topic many men shy away from. But, in the same way LELO helped remove the stigma of female pleasure products, LELO has now turned its attention to male prostate pleasure as well.” As they should, because a prostate massage can lead to 33 percent bigger orgasms, thicker erections, and can even help alleviate any possible erectile dysfunction. They’re also great in creating top-notch sperm for couples who are trying to conceive.

Because one of the most fun (and easiest) ways to get started on massaging the prostate is with toys, LELO and other companies have stepped it up when it comes to sex toys and included men as their consumers. Here are five sex toys that your male partner is going to love.

1. LELO Hugo

Lelo Hugo, $219, Amazon

Although it may look intense with its remote control, the LELO Hugo is a prostate massager that every man, gay or straight, should have in his arsenal. It’s not only shaped to get right in there, stimulating the sweet spot, but the SenseMotion remote control allows for eight vibrating settings and fun. The handiness of the remote control makes masturbation with it even easier.

2. LELO Bruno

Lelo Bruno, $153, Amazon

According to LELO, the LELO Bruno is “all about artisanal pleasure,” which, for some reason makes me think of cheese, but I digress. The Bruno has a motor in the tip of the massage, as well as in the base (can’t ignore that perineum), and is completely waterproof for those looking to enjoy it in the shower. Similarly to the Hugo, it has a variation of settings for low to maximum intensity ― six of them to be exact.

3. LELO Loki

Lelo Loki, $170, Amazon

The LELO Loki is for the “sophisticated man” who wants an orgasm of the most intense kind, according to LELO. It’s rechargeable, “angled for sophistication,” and has eight settings so you can either ease your way into the intensity, or go full steam ahead. It is a, to use LELO’s words, “sophisticated kind of pleasure.” Did I mention its sophistication yet?

4. Jimmyjane Hello Touch

Jimmylane Touch, $35, Amazon

Of course LELO isn’t the only company on the market prostate massagers and that’s a good thing, because people need choices. Enter: Jimmyjane’s Hello Touch, for those men who aren’t exactly keen to putting a toy in their ass just yet. The Hello Touch allows for vibrating silicone Fingerpads (that are worn by his partner) to gently massage the prostate. It’s all the fun of prostate massager, but literally at the tip of your fingers.

5. Aneros Prostate Stimulator

Aneros Prostate Stimulator, $32, Amazon

For those men who aren't quite ready for prostate massaging via vibration, then the Aneros Prostate Stimulator is a nice introduction to anal play. It’s perfectly designed tip is created to hit the prostate while the handle applies pressures to the perineum. Although it’s made for a man’s body, women can definitely enjoy it, too. Anal play for all!

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Images: Fotolia; LELO; Jimmyjane; Babeland