7 Cameos In 'We Are Your Friends' From DJs That Make The EDM-Centric Movie Even Cooler

There’s no better way to end the summer than with a massive party. But if you’re broke, busy or just too hungover from the rest of your escapades these past few months to make it to a festival, you can find the party in movie form with We Are Your Friends. This film is the directorial debut of Max Joseph, aka Nev Schulman's less-hairy Catfish counterpart. Nev actually makes a brief cameo in one scene, and he's not the only celebrity to appear. There are a ton of DJ cameos in We Are Your Friends, which is no surprise given that a) the movie places a huge emphasis on the topic of EDM, the music industry and pop culture, and b) the climax takes place at a huge music festival.

Some DJs also helped out behind the scenes. Joseph recruited French DJ Pyramid to create the tracks played by Efron's character Cole, and he hired Segal (who did the music for the original British Skins to create the film's actual score. Neither Pyramid nor Segal appear in the film itself — presumably because it would require an extra trip to LA from Europe — but several artists who lent a hand in the production of the film also show face in it. Here are some familiar talents you can expect to see in We Are Your Friends:

Them Jeans

WAYF movie on YouTube

Them Jeans consulted on the movie and helped Efron learn how to DJ and produce music, as well as showing up in the pivotal festival scene. On the official WAYF website, the DJ says, "I've always had an interest in working on music for films," adding that working with the WAYF team was a "real treat."


WAYF movie on YouTube

Alesso also helped teach Efron how to look like a pro on stage, explaining, "There's a lot of things to think about to become a DJ."

Dillon Francis

DillonFrancisVEVO on YouTube

The DJ-producer was enthusiastic to spin as part of the movie, saying "I love making music, it makes me happy and, for me, it's really the meaning of life — besides treating people nicely and drinking beer."

Nicky Romero

Nicky Romero on YouTube

This Dutch DJ, whose real name is Nick Rotteveel van Gotum (say that five times fast), broke through with his single "Toulouse" in 2012.


PossoUniverse on YouTube

In addition to being a DJ team, Marylouise Pels and Vanessa Giovacchini have their own accessory line and also designed a capsule collection for Volcom.

LA Riots

onebeatchannel on YouTube

In addition to his solo project LA Riots, Daniel Linton is also resident DJ at XS Nightclub in Las Vegas and co-owner of lifestyle brand Massiv.

Dirty South

DirtySouthMusicVEVO on YouTube

This Serbian-Australian DJ has been nominated for two Grammys and produced a ton of collaborations since hitting the scene in 2004.

All of these artists appeared in the film for the "Summerfest" scene per Max Joseph's request. It definitely helps to be famous enough that you can ask your cool celebrity friends to be in your movie. But the DJs were happy to do it, since playing for a live crowd is what these artists live for. So keep your eyes peeled and your ears open, because We Are Your Friends is a star-studded musical ride.