Kylie Jenner's Dogs Vs. A Normal Dog

Let’s gather ‘round and have a moment of honesty, shall we? More often than we’d like to admit, us normal people will compare our lives to those of our famous celebrity peers. It’s extremely easy to do so with apps like Instagram, which give us daily insight into lives we can only dream of. But here’s the thing: We aren’t the only ones who deal with this sort of envy. Just think of how our pets feel. More specifically, think about how our normal dogs feel in comparison to Kylie Jenner’s Instagram-famous dogs, Norman and Bambi.

Not only do Norman and Bambi have their own Instagram account (which my dog Brody does not), the puppy siblings also do, see, and experience things that a normal dog — or, let’s be real, a normal human — would never, ever get the chance to. Which makes for some pretty amazing photo opportunities. Both Norman and Bambi show off their amazing lives on Instagram, and it’s all the more apparent how lavishly they live when you compare their lifestyles with that of a plain old normal dog doing typical, everyday things.

In an effort to better explain the glaring differences, let’s take a look at Norman and Bambi’s extravagant Instagram photos, as opposed to my dog Brody’s simple snapshots.

Norman Sleeping On A Bed Of Gold, Silky Sheets


Brody Sleeping On A Bed Of Purple, Jersey Knit Sheets

Sorry, dude.

Norman Hiding Behind Beautiful Backyard Decorative Candles

Any spot is a good hiding spot when your backyard looks like the Garden of Eden.

Brody Hiding Behind A Sliding Glass Door

In his defense, our only backyard candles are citronella.

Norman Staring Lovingly At The Camera


Brody Staring Lovingly At The Camera

Money and fame has nothing to do with being photogenic, fortunately.

Norman And Bambi Behind The Wheel

File this under Dogs With Better Lives Than Me.

Brody As A Backseat Passenger

Normal dogs have to follow the law.

Norman Getting Weird On A Couch

Looks comfy, tbh.

Brody Getting Weird On A Couch

Does NOT look comfy, tbh.

Norman Casually Living A Lavish Lifestyle

A fur bed. No big deal.

Brody Pretending He's Living A Lavish Lifestyle

A dog can dream.

Norman With Stuff On His Face That Looks Like Snow

Ha! Norman doesn't deal with winter!

Brody With Stuff On His Face That Is Actually Snow

... Brody does.

Norman's Leisurely Outdoor Activities

So regal. So calm. So demure.

Brody's Outdoor Shenanigans

"Refined" isn't a word in this dog's vocab.

Norman Displeased With His Designer Duds

Really, Norman?

Brody Displeased With His Christmas Sweater My Sister Got On Sale

I mean, I think he looks great despite the bargain price ... and that attitude.

Bambi, Always Ready For A Photo Shoot

If your mom is Kylie Jenner, you learn to love and work the camera.

Brody, Not So Much

I'm his own personal paparazzo.

Bambi Wakes Up Flawless


Brody Wakes up Struggling

Someone get this dude a hairbrush or something.

Norman Takes Naps On Kim Kardashian

Kim. Kardashian.

Brody Takes Naps On Pillow Pets

It could be worse.

Norman Hangin' With His Celeb Fam

So content being in his reality TV star aunt's arms.

Brody Begrudgingly Hangin' With His Non Famous Fam

Barely dealing with me.

I'll make sure to never show Brody this stark contrast between his life and that of the Jenner dogs, because I want him to still love me, and I'm not so sure about that whole "dog loyalty" thing anymore.

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Images: Papjuice/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images; Caitlyn Callegari