Carrie Underwood Debuts 'Storyteller' Album Cover & Here Are 7 Things We Can Relate To On The Cover — PHOTO

Whether you're country music's biggest fan or the occasional honky tonk achey-breaky toe-tapper, you probably dig Carrie Underwood. Of country music's biggest stars, she's got some of the best crossover appeal. I unabashedly adore Nashville, and think Miranda Lambert is as cool as they come, but that's about the extent of my country music adoration, except when it comes to America's Sweetheart Carrie Underwood. Not only does her music keep getting better, she's continuously approachable, classy, and straightforward when she's not onstage, and I admire her all the more for it. The American Idol winner has a brand new album Storyteller on the way and Underwood released the Storyteller album cover on her Instagram account on Tuesday. It's definitely the most country-looking of all of her albums, and it may be proof that she's doing the opposite of Taylor Swift — going deeper into country and a little further away from pop.

Underwood, who is an Oklahoma native, will be dropping Storyteller on Oct. 23rd, just in time for prime sweater weather, leather boots, and pumpkin spice everything — so, yes, Carrie Underwood just wants you to have everything you love the most all at once.. .including her music. She also wants you to be able to relate to the album. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Underwood shared, "There’s going to be a lot of songs on the album that people can listen to and be like ‘I totally get what you’re trying to say.’”

It's been three years since she's released a full album, so the anticipation is high for Storyteller. Here are the most relatable things from the Storyteller album cover that proves Carrie Underwood totally understands you:

Pants Are For Suckers

Carrie Underwood, like all of us, has an inner Homer Simpson that says, "Dont you hate pants?" She gets us, she really does.

Big, Messy Hair Is The Best Hair

Straightening iron-schmaightening iron, I say! As someone with natural frizz, curls, and flyaways, I love any celeb who celebrates messy hair.

It's Time For Over-Sized Flowy Tops, Y'All!


I'm a little over this whole excessive back sweat season. I am ready for ridiculously oversized blouses, chunky sweaters, and pants (IF I MUST) with elastic waistbands. Get it, Carrie.

Sitting Down Is Better Than Standing Up


I'm at a point in my life where I don't want to go to a concert if I can't sit down between sets. I hate bars without seats. People with standing desks confuse and frighten me. Carrie Underwood is pro-sitting, and therefore I am pro-Carrie.

Treat Yo Self To Those Boots


See a pair of embellished cowboy boots you want, but not sure you can pull off? DO AS CARRIE DOES AND ROCK THE HELL OUT OF THEM.

Halo Effects Bring Out Your Inner Beyoncé


I'm not talking sh*t stomping "Run the World" Bey. I mean the etherial, spiritual wonder that makes you want to dance ballet in your underwear. Carrie Underwood has used this effect with incredible precision. I see it, and I think, "She glows, she is a wonder, she is a force of female light and energy." Go onward and give your soul the halo effect.

Being Yourself Looks Good On You


Carrie Underwood has always been a country star, though her previous album covers would have you think she's more in line with Britney Spears than Faith Hill. Storyteller looks like she's fully embraced the country crown, and it looks damn good on her. If I wasn't already a fan, this cover alone would convert me.

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