8 Fine Male Yogis To Follow On Instagram

by Gina M. Florio

I'll always be committed to my favorite yoginis' social media accounts, like Kathryn Budig and Rachel Brathen, but I can't lie — I'm a sucker for a male yogi Instagram that is neither Broga meathead-like nor overwhelmingly hippie. It's refreshing to see everyday guys who are committed to their practice and love to share it with the online community. They document the progress of their favorite postures, share tidbits of their alternative lifestyle, and use the website as a platform to promote teaching seminars and non-profit events.

While women still dominate the yoga community, it's wonderful to see these guys around because they remind us that both genders have a lot to gain from the practice. They also bust a lot of the myths we still hold to be true of dudes who bend on the daily — you won't see them obsessing over juice cleanses or chasing women around. Instead, you'll find them playing sports and doting on their families, and all the other things that make them normal, likable human beings, and respectable practitioners. Plus, they — and their abs — are easy on the eyes. Here are eight male yogis you should be following on Instagram. Enjoy!

1. Taylor Harkness (@tjhark)

I sound like a pathetic groupie when I talk about this guy, but I've already come to terms with that fact. He's my favorite teacher on Yoga Glo, an app you need to download immediately, and I never get sick of his enthusiasm. His sequences kick my butt but he always reminds his students to listen to their own bodies and their personal capabilities. So, of course, he is my number one to follow on Instagram. He has an incredible practice but, more importantly, he just seems to have a genuine joy for life.

2. Patrick Beach (@patrickbeach)

Prepare to experience the perfect balance of Aussie hipster and yogi beach bum. He's an expert at inversions, especially handstands, done in his own funky variations, and he always posts about when his next public seminar is — you know, just in case you're in Australia and feel like going. Rumor has it he started doing yoga because his dad dared him, insisting he'd never be good at it. Well, he sure proved him wrong.

3. Brian Miller (@brianmilleryoga)

OK, it's outrageous what this guy can do with his body. He makes the most advanced asanas look like a piece of cake, and a lot of his shots are done with cool angles, in enchanting spots of the city. This Canadian isn't only a dude who attempts the most impossible postures; he has his own YouTube channel and teaches on a regular basis. He's also the creator of Karmavore Superfoods, a company that makes the most decadent-looking vegan snacks.

4. Derrick "DJ" Townsel (@dade2shelby)

A former NFL wide receiver (just look at his bod), he's a #RastaYogi who is still just as athletic as he is flexible. His daughter is so cute it will bring tears to your eyes, and there are plenty of pictures of her experimenting with her own yoga practice — alongside her dad, of course. He teaches workshops across the country and preaches consistency to all his students. Clearly, he's tough as nails, but there's a kindness about him that makes his classes accessible to everyone.

5. Carson Clay Calhoun (@carsonclaycalhoun)

Here's an all-American dude who genuinely loves his yoga — and you wouldn't guess it upon first glancing at him. His students, which are spread all over the world, say he's a real jokester when he teaches, so classes are never boring. Like Patrick, he's a handstand lover, so you'll often see him upside down, in perfect form of course. He tours a lot around the United States, so keep an eye out if he's got a seminar happening near you.

6. Just Ferd (@justferd)

Here you can find straight-forward, no-nonsense yoga postures from a guy who only seems capable of giving away one facial expression. He's based in Chicago and clearly is influenced by the art scene; his pictures play with colors and angles, and he pulls off the latest fashion trends like it's his full-time job. I've yet to find another man who pulls off that hairstyle better than he does.

7. Jared Fu (@jared.fu)

Tossing in some breakdance influences, Jared's clean, sharp poses speak a lot about his personality. In addition to the mind-blowing asanas that most of us only dream of doing, he posts a lot of pictures of basic postures, the same ones we do during our weekend classes. Sometimes, though, if you look closely, he'll make little changes to the classics that definitely up the ante. He's based in Vancouver and has this really cool Asian hip-hop style going on.

8. Dice Iida-Klein (@bryceyoga)

This guy is another one of my favorite teachers on Yoga Glo. He's a fantastic instructor when it comes to form, particularly hip alignment, and he doesn't let you get away with much. I love this Instagram account because it's family-oriented. His drop-dead gorgeous wife, Briohny, is also a teacher, and they are seriously some yoga forces to be reckoned with. You'll see a lot of cool partner postures between them, as well as irresistible shots of their adorable kids.

Images: tjhark, brianmilleryoga, patrickbeach, dade2shelby, carsonclaycalhoun, bryceyoga, justferd, jared.fu/Instagram