New 'Community' Season 5 Gets Dark Trailer, Literally & Figuratively

It's finally happening: The new season of Community is actually fairly close to being a thing we actually see. Need proof that it's a real thing, that Dan Harmon is back, and that it will actually air on your television (or computer) screens come January? Look no further than this trailer for Community Season 5. This particular trailer does not play up the fact that this season of Community has all the guest stars the universe has ever seen in its vast and storied history, but! We do get to see all the Greendale classics (sorry Chevy Chase).

The trailer also sets itself up rather darkly and...Lord of the Ringsly, what with a robed villain running around Greendale and...molesting people with the One Ring?

It's also got the show's trademark pop culture spitfire dialogue, including "That bastard [Zach Braff]! After everything Scrubs did to him," Troy screams. He is referencing, I'm sure, both Braff's scarce presence in the final season of Scrubs and Glover's own departure from the show. So it's nice to see that they're being predictably self-aware about it, even though I'm still in denial over a Troy-less Community, and even more in denial over a Troy-less Abed.


Image: NBC