'Community' To Star All Of Hollywood

Greendale's gonna be pretty packed come 2014: Arrested Development 's David Cross is daded to Community as a guest star in Season 5, joining an ever-growing list of notables to make an appearance in Dan Harmon's comedy's return. What is this, The Mindy Project ?

So what is the former Tobias Fünke up to at Greendale? Well, sadly, he (probably) won't be a never-nude — and he wasn't in attendance for the Arrested Development cast's Inside the Actor's Studio episode, so we're upset. He will, however, be playing the estranged son of Breaking Bad actor Jonathan Banks' character. He's only there for one episode that we know of so far, but it's a big'un: While at Greendale he will take part in what Vulture is describing "as at the very least, the second most important game of Dungeons & Dragons ever.”

Which does indeed mean what you think it means: We're getting a sequel to classic Community episode "Advanced Dungeons & Dragons," and it will feature the former Mrs. Featherbottom. If you've been paying even peripheral attention to this upcoming season you've probably noticed that it seems like it'll include, well, everyone who's ever worked on a show Dan Harmon has watched. Vince Gilligan, Kumail Nanjiani, Walton Goggins, Nathan Fillion, Robert Patrick, Tim Heidecker, Eric W, Katie Leclerc, John Oliver, Rob Cordry — all will be seen in this season, and now we also hear we're getting further tributes/continuations of past favorite episodes. It's very possible (nay, likely) that the previously ousted showrunner is taking this season of Community from a sort of Carpe Diem/let's just do it all right now approach, especially given the small miracle it is that Community even survived past season one without cancellation — excessive guest stars can be a warning sign in shows like New Girl or The Mindy Project, but Community is built off of reference, so a sort of greatest hits approach makes sense.