'The View' Season 19 Already Seems Like It'll Be More Diverse Than Ever & Here's Why

Good news for fans of daytime talk shows with a diverse set of hosts each offering their own personal viewpoint on the news of the day: The View's lineup of hosts has been finalized for Season 19, and, based on the list, the we're in for a promising season of The View. Why? For the best reason: With the addition of hosts Candace Cameron Bure, Paula Faris, and the re-addition of Joy Behar to the existing host lineup of Whoopi Goldberg, Michelle Collins, and Raven Symone, it's way more diverse when it comes to cohosts, which is what television needs for a show that is largely about the female perspective.

Throughout the years, The View has tried to spice things up by offering more diverse viewpoints: For instance, they invited an extremely conservative host like Elisabeth Hasselbeck to the team. But, for a while there, adding more women with wildly different political views only created chaos, not conversation: As the drama heated up backstage — remember that super tense moment where Rosie and Whoopi fought openly about racism on the show? — none of the hosts seemed to offer a wide enough set of life experiences to be called diverse. Instead of presenting a spectrum of smart women, the show always seemed to present “opposite” women, with the hope of those stark differences sparking some kind of drama.

Plus, drama like that did nothing for the show's dwindling ratings: In 2015, The Hollywood Reporter pointed out that The View's ratings were dwindling despite on air theatrics.

But now, for the first time in years, it seems the panel of cohosts is big enough and diverse enough to spark some real conversation, not just heated drama. There are women of color, women of different ages, and women with completely different world views.

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Now that seems like the kind of lineup of women that will spark good conversation.

As much as the drama might make for fun television, this show is really about tackling serious topics and current events. So, with that in mind, it’s totally necessary to have a wide variety of voices and perspectives on the series in order for these topics to be discussed with any real depth. Debates on most news networks try to "represent" diversity with the same token talking heads, but the new lineup on The View shows a wide range of perspectives. The show has always offered a female perspective on current events, but often from the same kind of women. Especially now, when huge topics like gender, race, and violence are at the forefront of conversation, The View's new lineup of hosts will offer a much-needed diverse perspective on things — and this is important because the audience at home is most likely not all of the same generation or race or sexual orientation or socioeconomic status.

By representing the wide spectrum of female experiences, the show will better appeal to female audiences everywhere — and hopefully tackle topics in a more productive and helpful way.

Let's take a look at the new hosts and what perspectives they have to offer:

Candace Cameron Bure

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As someone who grew up in show business, Bure will definitely provide that Hollywood perspective viewers are likely to love. Also, as someone who is outspoken about family and faith, she'll offer a more conservative perspective compared to the other ladies.

Whoopi Goldberg

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Goldberg is returning to the show after making some questionable comments about race and Bill Cosby. In the name of debate, this is a good thing: She isn't afraid to speak her mind and have her point of view heard.

Paula Faris

Paula is a former correspondant for ABC News, and will most likely play ring leader to this crew of women. I'm crossing my fingers she's the new Meredith Viera of the group, because that show hasn't been the same since Viera left.

Michelle Collins

The 33-year-old comedian will definitely keep audiences on their toes and hopefully draw in a younger audience with topics they're interested in too. You know, like whether or not Nick Viall will be on the next season of Bachelor in Paradise.

Raven Symone

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Returning for another season, Raven Symone is relatively quiet about her personal life. But, after opening up about her sexuality in 2014, and about her relationship with the stunning AzMarie Livingston, it's clear that she will continue to bring a much-needed perspective to the show.

Joy Behar

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Fan-favorite and comedienne Joy Behar will have to be the new mama bear of the show now that Barbara Walters is gone. She'll hopefully keep the first fans of the show tuning in while delighting new fans with her sharp wit.

So, I’m excited to see a more diverse lineup — and I’m looking forward to a season where the cohosts contribute to the important conversations of the day, not take away from them with petty drama.

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