How Many VMAs Does Beyonce Have? Bey Could Take Madonna's Throne As Queen Of The Show This Year

Beyonce has been quiet lately... perhaps too quiet. I'm just kidding — she can say or not say whatever she wants in my opinion, but I hope she does something splashy this Sunday at the MTV Video Music Awards. Beyonce is nominated for five VMA awards this year, and even if she didn't win any of them (which would be a travesty and a mistake), she probably would just brush it off — because, as it turns out, after Madonna, Beyoncé Knowles has the most Video Music Awards of all time. And she's got the potential to take Madonna's title if she cleans up this Sunday.

Before we get into how many VMAs the singer has, though, let's look at how she started out: Beyoncé and the VMAs have a long, romantic history that began when she and Destiny's Child took home their first award all the way back in 2000. Since then, the legendary singer has consistently delivered amazing performances at the Video Music Awards, including her phenomenal performance in 2011 (when she also revealed she was pregnant in the most adorable, joyous way possible).

Currently, Beyonce has a total of seventeen Moonmen, while Madonna, who holds the record for the total, has twenty. That said, Bey has five separate chances this year to expand her kingdom to include the VMAs as where she reigns. Her music video "7/11" has five total nominations: Best Female Video, Best Pop Video, Best Choreography, Best Editing, and the most important award of all, Video Of The Year.

It would be foolish to dismiss the VMAs — in fact, the Video Music Awards are totally an indicator of what's hot in music. After all: Last year might as well have been called the Beyonce Music Awards, considering Bey received the Video Vanguard award, performed a 16-minute medley against a FEMINIST backdrop on stage, then casually took home four awards. (She also turned the whole thing into a Beyoncé Family Affair, bringing her adorable daughter Blue Ivy up on to the stage.)

This year, Beyoncé could easily take home the four (or all five!) awards it would take for her to surpass Madonna as the record holder for most VMAs. "7/11" is an incredible music video, and proves that, somehow, Beyonce actually did wake up like that — and even when she's just goofing in a luxury hotel with her friends, she's at a level most of us will never reach.

Forget the Moonmen: give out statues of Bey, just to remind everyone who the real Queen is.

The MTV Video Music Awards will air on Sunday, August 30, at 9 p.m. ET.