How Many VMAs Has Beyonce Won?

It's a good thing Beyoncé can afford a large house, because she could fill a small one with all of her awards. Here's a fun figure to make you feel super unproductive: Of her 521 career nominations — including with Destiny's Child — Beyoncé has taken home a whopping 474 wins. That's a track record of over 90 percent. And a heck of a lot of speeches to prepare... when the event is actually big enough for her to want to book a limo. One show that's definitely worth her time is the MTV Video Music Awards. This year, the Beyoncé is nominated for eight VMA awards, including Video of the Year (for "Drunk in Love") and Best Female Video (for "Partition"). On top of that, she'll be performing. On top of that, she'll (allegedly) be addressing rumors about her relationship with Jay Z. On top of that, she's already guaranteed one award: the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award. I think that's all the "on top of thats" for now, but the lady is known to exceed expectations. (Don't hold your breath for another "I'm pregnant!" belly rub, though.)

Given her incredible award-winning statistics, 12 VMA wins — excluding Destiny's Child this time, and her Video Vanguard Award — out of 48 nominations may seem slight. That number, however, places her at number two on the list of artists with the most VMA wins behind only Madonna. Pregame to this year's VMAs by watching the videos that have earned her moon men.

1. "Crazy in Love" (2003)

AWARDS: Best Female Video, Best R&B Video, Best Choreography in a Video

2. "Naughty Girl" (2004)

AWARDS: Best Female Video

3. "Check On It" (2006)

AWARDS: Best R&B Video

4. "Beautiful Liar" feat. Shakira (2007)

AWARDS: Most Earthshattering Collaboration

5. "Single Ladies" (2009)

AWARDS: Video of the Year, Best Editing, Best Choreography

6. "Telephone" with Lady Gaga (2010)

AWARDS: Best Collaboration

7. "Run The World (Girls)" (2011)

AWARDS: Best Choreography

8. "Countdown" (2012)

AWARDS: Best Editing