Twins of YouTube Vlogger itsjudytime Hilariously Pretend To Be Asleep In Their Crib & 4 Other Times Babies Were Up To No Good — VIDEO

Kids these days are pretty genius. So genius, in fact, that even 10-month-old babies are trying to outsmart us. Just take the twin babies of YouTube vlogger itsjudytime, who went viral this week for hilariously pretending to be asleep in their cribs in an effort to pull one over on their mom. Unbeknownst to these nap time con artists, though, she was watching them on a baby monitor the whole time from another room. (Oh man, rookie mistake.)

If you're unfamiliar with itsjudytime, that's the handle of vlogger Judy Travis, who's been posting videos to her website,, and her YouTube page for several years now. Travis' beauty-focused videos are so popular, they frequently rack up thousands, sometimes millions of views each. Her twin girls, though, are obviously trying to give her a run for her money when it comes to seeking viral fame.

"I rarely talk with the girls through the baby monitor. But when I do, this usually happens," Judy wrote as the caption to her YouTube video, which has since gained over 235,600 likes, 124,500 shares, and more than 13.5 million views. "I laughed so hard at this!!!" wrote Facebook user Lacey DeMello. "Not even a year-and-a-half and they know how to fake already!" Others "We had that monitor and our boys would do the same thing when they heard my voice! It was hilarious," wrote Kel Marie.

Watch for yourself as itsjudytime's little girls go from standing up and laughing in their cribs to "I'm totally in my deepest REM cycle ever" in like, one-second flat.

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Image: itsjudytime/Facebook