Lucy Hale Becomes Blowpro's Latest Brand Ambassador, Because The 'PLL' Star Has Some Seriously Perfect Hair

Lucy Hale is the queen of versatile hair. From long and wavy to short and choppy, it seems like there's no look she can't pull off. It's no wonder Blowpro signed Hale as its latest brand ambassador, according to Glamour. The hair tools company, which also offers blowouts in Nordstrom salons, announced the Pretty Little Liars star will be the face of a new ad campaign.

Hale isn't a surprising choice, especially because her hair has changed so much over the past few months. The star made a name for herself when her hair was long, wavy and dark brown, but she's been experimenting with shorter looks lately. Her initial chop took her into the lob category, but she's since cut her hair even shorter.

"Getting your hair cut short can be addicting!" She wrote in a post about her hair essentials on Byrdie. "Once I cut it that first time, I wanted to keep going shorter and shorter."

Hale has learned to style her shorter hair, which she says is different than the low-maintenance feel of her longer hair. She swears by using a flatiron to add subtle waves to her shorter hair, and her hairstylist Kristin Ess uses Evian Facial Water Spray to give the ends some texture.

Hale admits she keeps chopping her hair shorter, but I'm sure with this new business contract she won't be venturing into pixie cut territory anytime soon. Even when she had longer hair, Hale clearly had an eye for great styles.

Here are four of her best hair looks that will serve as inspiration the next time you get a blowout.

Long and Glossy

This is Hale's signature look, and the one that worked for her for many years. Her hair was simple in the earlier years of PLL, but she's mixed up her look as her character has gotten older.

This #TBT photo Hale posted a few weeks ago is definitely worth copying the next time you get a blowout, especially if your hair is on the longer side.

The Messier the Better

This look isn't for everyone, but there's something I love about Hale's crazy-voluminous hair and deep side part in this picture. On a night when you're hitting the town, pair this look with a dark smoky eye and your highest heels.

Perfectly Coiffed

Messy is good, but there's something to be said for that perfect, shiny hair that's great for dinner with your significant other's parents or a job interview. When you want your hair to make it look like you've got your life together, go for this style. Hale swears by Frederic Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Shampoo, which gives her hair that almost reflective quality. After your blowout, ask your stylist to smooth your hair with a curling iron to give it a little more polish.

Casual and Breezy

This look is the most similar to the one Hale sports regularly, and there's a reason why. With a slightly off-center part, her hair is straight with a little bend. This is the kind of look you want if you're looking to avoid doing your hair again for a few days. It's low maintenance and effortless.

I for one hope Hale's brand ambassadorship means the star will be offering more haircare tips, because she clearly knows what she's doing.