Lucy Hale's Lob Is Now Officially A Bob

Once you start, you can't stop, especially if you are a celeb with a lob. Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale's hair keeps getting shorter, and the country singer and actress just debuted an even shorter version of her lob. It's actually pretty much an official bob at this point; even though the cut falls slightly past the chin, it hugs her head and is not anywhere close to grazing her shoulders. But the 'do does retain that messy texture that defines the lob, so it's super versatile, if shorter.

While the brunette beauty is known for her on fleek, full, and dark brows, Hale has been shedding her long, wavy tumble of locks for months now. She started chopping in 2014 and hasn't stopped. I feel like every time I pop on her Instagram to see what looks she is pumping, she has gone a wee bit shorter.

She's like Kaley Cuoco Sweeting, who kept her signature blonde locks until she ended up with a pixie that is sometimes pink in hue. It's as though Hale has been inching towards a bob with every snip of the scissors.

So here's Lucy Hale with her shortest hair yet. I love the caramel highlights that are mixed throughout her strands and that frame her face.

So lovely, isn't it? She can wear it with this texture or blow it out so it's totally sleek and glossed out.

Here's Hale last month, with longer, shoulder-skimming length. This was definitely a lob.

There's the lob in all its bedhead glory.


Check out the front view, where it was longer than a lob and more like shoulder-length with lots of golden highlights in 2014.

Mireya Acierto/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This length was so flattering but Hale didn't stay here very long; this was also 2014.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

OMG, remember when she was super long and way wavy???

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Hale really can rock mega long hair that's ombre in hue or the the lob.

Now she's got a bob. Short hair, don't care.

Images: Lucy Hale/Instagram (3); Getty (3)