These 'BiP' Couples Could Go The Distance

by Jennifer Still

I'm so deep into Bachelor In Paradise this summer that it's bordering on a little problematic. I've never particularly been a fan of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, but for some reason, this spinoff has pulled me in and I live for it every Sunday and Monday night. Sure, I think most of it is about as far from true reality as you can get, pretty much, but my god, if it isn't entertaining. And, even if most of it is for entertainment, I assume the relationships being formed on the show are real on some level, or at least have the potential to be real, and that's enough for me to engage my suspension of disbelief and get totally and completely into it. I already have ideas on which Bachelor In Paradise couples will make it and who needs to end things NOW (thank goodness Jared finally broke it off with Ashley I.) and I'm not ashamed. While it's a bit early in the game and no doubt new people will still be arriving, there are a few couples that are showing potential when it comes to creating a lasting connection.

Of course, we all know the curse that befalls contestants on The Bachelor, et al. It's actually pretty ironic, considering that the purpose of these shows is to find everlasting love, and yet the resulting pairs tend to have the worst possible luck when it comes to relationship longevity. But, just like the men and women who continue to come back for every spinoff they're invited to be part of, I choose to continue believing in love, and I think some of these duos just might make it work. At least for a while, anyway.

Jade & Tanner

These two are so cute. Tanner was all nervous about telling Jade that he was falling for her, but he didn't need to be since she feels the same. From the looks of their Instagram accounts, it seems like they're still going strong, and I think they're totally going to make it. After all, they honed in on one another early on and never had eyes for anyone else. This is obviously true love.

Carly & Kirk

There was a split second when I was preparing myself to hate Kirk because he was getting cold feet about how fast his relationship with Carly was moving, but then he realized how great their connection was and he's been solid ever since. They're super into each other and really in tune, and given the right amount of love and courage, they could totally go the distance.

Mikey & Juelia

It was sweet that Juelia regretted her decision to give her rose to Joe and wanted to give Mikey another chance, but I'm not quite convinced on their relationship yet. I think Mikey's glad to be back and thinks Juelia is a nice girl, but Juelia's also overly anxious to jump into anything that seems halfway decent because she's been through a lot. They could find a real connection and make it, but I'm not quite sure that they're there yet.

Samantha &... Whoever

Samantha is seemingly done with Joe for now (even if he's not getting the message just yet) and could move on to Nick, which... okay. But is she really going to make a real go of it with any man there, or is she just there for the 24/7 open bar and Jorge, the hilarious bartender? That's fair enough, really, but this is a show about finding love, so...

Dan & Amber

Dan was super into Ashley S. for a while there and I really thought they were going to make a go of it, but then he got bored and decided the "grass is greener" (I can't believe he literally said this) with someone else. Now he seems to be into Amber and he gave her his rose last week, but is there anything there, really? It's still early days, but something tells me that Dan will get bored with her too, especially if another female contestant comes in.

Tenley & Josh

Tenley's super adorable, and given that she recently got out of a long relationship with Kiptyn, she really needs some stability and some fun. It seems like she's found that with Josh, though we haven't seen them together enough to really get a hint about their long-term prospects. They have tons of chemistry, though, and seem really happy when they're around each other, so there's definitely potential there.

If I had to put my money on any couple, it'd definitely be Jade and Tanner. They've got it going on in every way and I think they're great together.

Images: ABC/Rick Rowell