This Drunk Girl's Lip Sync To "Let's Stay Together" Should Be Your New #FridayGoals — VIDEO

If you want to get your life priorities straight, I'd start by trying to be more like this drunk girl lip syncing "Let's Stay Together" by Al Green and filming it with a psychedelic effect on the camera. Apparently, this every day hero makes a habit of sending videos like this one to her friend when she's "drunk and alone and full of woe". Although I have to say, there's nothing woeful about this. It's mostly just glorious. The video of the mystery drunk girl and her contorted face is big on the Internet, and with good reason: we all wish we could be her, or that we had a friend like her. Hint, hint, everybody: start sending your friends epic drunken music videos you made yourself.

I once had a roommate who would tell me off for singing in my room, but if she has watched this video I'm sure she's very sorry, because I could have been in there making equally as amazing videos. (I wasn't, but I could have been.) Meanwhile, the majority of the population is probably just wasting all their singing doing it to themselves in the mirror, like I was, rather than recording it for the wider public to enjoy. Because who doesn't enjoy a drunk person singing?


Watch the entire glorious thing below:

Rosel Meyer on YouTube

Meanwhile, I couldn't let the moment to remember everyone's pal Obama singing Al Green pass me by in good conscience...

Associated Press on YouTube

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