Nick Carter Joins 'Dancing With the Stars' & These 7 Backstreet Boys Music Videos Prove He Will Be A Tough Competitor

With less than one month until Dancing With the Stars' Sept. 14 premiere, we're still waiting to find out the complete list of celebrities who will participate. While judge Len Goodman left the show, Backstreet Boys singer Nick Carter joined the Dancing With the Stars cast. He joins Bindi Irwin, the first star who announced she'll appear this season, and already the cast is shaping up to be epic.

"I'm excited," Carter told Us Weekly, adding that his friend Joey Fatone encouraged him to do it. "He talks about it all the time and I was really debating if I wanted to do it, and he said, 'It's a great experience, it keeps you in shape and it'll teach you a lot of stuff. He said, 'You'll get what you put into it.' And I'm a hard worker, so I think it'll be fun."

As you may recall, the Backstreet Boys' singer's younger brother Aaron Carter appeared in Season 9 of the show. "My brother was on it; he did great; and he's a great little dancer and entertainer so I saw it through his eyes throughout that experience," the older brother said. "And there's a lot of competitiveness in me and I think there's a little something inside of me that says, 'Okay, I'm going to go there and represent the Carter name and do even better than what he did!'"

While Carter admitted he's a little insecure about his dancing, two decades in the Backstreet Boys will definitely help him! Here's seven Backstreet Boys videos where Carter proved he'll be a formidable competitor on Dancing With the Stars.

1. "I Want It That Way"

Dressed in all-white ensembles, BSB radiated angelic attitudes in this iconic video.

2. "We've Got It Goin' On"

BSB are the epitome of '90s boyband amazingness in this video, which includes the quintet showing off fierce synchronized dance moves in front of a cheering audience.

3. "As Long As You Love Me"

The Backstreet Boys showed off slick moves on the set of a faux music video.

4. "Larger Than Life"

Clad in a futuristic robot suit, Carter showed he can still bust a move — even with restricted movement.

5. "In A World Like This"

The band ditched the choreographed moves for this 2013 video, but they still show off their rhythm for the camera.

6. "Anywhere For You"

Backstreet Boys headed to the beach for this dance-lite video that still proved that the band can captivate the cameras.

7. "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)"

Easily one of the band's most dance-heavy videos, this visual features a room full of people busting out some amazing choreographed moves.

You can check out Nick Carter's dance moves (and indulge in some '90s nostalgia) when Season 21 of Dancing With the Stars premieres on Sept. 14!