The McWhopper Proposes A Peace Day Cease-Fire Between Burger King And McDonald's, Because Even Burgers Want To Make Love, Not War

When it comes to rivalries, there are many historic examples that come to mind: The Hatfields versus the McCoys; Coke versus Pepsi; MTV versus actual music; and, of course, Burger King versus McDonald's. But now, it seems that last pairing might be ready to lay their rivalry to rest by extending not an olive branch, but a sandwich: Meet the McWhopper, a Whopper/Big Mac hybrid that Burger King just proposed as a peace offering to McDonald's. Combining the best of each chain's signature offerings, the sandwich could soon make its appearance on Sept. 21 for Peace Day.

In an open letter to McDonald's, Burger King proposed that the two fast food chains set aside their difference and "call a ceasefire on these so-called 'burger-wars.'" According to the letter, the nonprofit organization Peace One Day is campaigning to make Peace Day an annual day of global unity; when Peace One Day asked the question, "Who will you make peace with?" Burger King decided to answer by extending an invitation to McDonald's to make a tasty collaboration. The idea behind bringing together both of their most famous burgers is to spread awareness about both the campaign and Peace One Day itself.

Peace One Day was founded in 1999. As a result of their efforts, the United Nations unanimously adopted the first annual day of global cease-fire and non-violence on Sept. 21 in 2001. By 2016, the goal is to expose three billion people to Peace Day.

Said Peace One Day founder Jeremy Gilley in a press release, "It’s a big target but it’s very possible, particularly with the support of the corporate sector — they have the resources and ability to raise awareness on a massive scale. That awareness creates action, and that action saves lives."

And that's where Burger King comes in — as an answer to that call to arms for the corporate sector. Said Fernando Machado, Senior Vice President for Global Brand Management at Burger King Corporation in a press release:

Our proposal is designed to generate the most attention and awareness possible for Peace Day and the work of the non-profit organization Peace One Day. We’re being completely transparent with our approach because we want them to take this seriously. It would be amazing if McDonald’s agrees to do this. Let’s make history and generate a lot of noise around Peace Day. If they say no, we’ll hopefully have, at the very least, raised much-needed financial support and consciousness for the great cause that is Peace One Day. And both are well worth the effort.

If McDonald's accepts the proposal the McWhopper would be available during the Peace Day celebrations for one day only at one location in Atlanta, GA, according to Burger King's proposal.

Let's go, McDonald's. Do the right thing — for peace, love, happiness, and our tastebuds.

Images: Burger King (2)