What Happened To Chelsie On 'The Bachelor'? After Juan Pablo, The 'Bachelor In Paradise' Star Can Survive Anything

Fans of The Bachelor, probably remember Bachelor in Paradise newcomer Chelsie Webster as the science educator who Juan Pablo forced to jump off a bridge on a bungee jumping date with him — only to give her the boot shortly after. (Which, really, was a saving grace because JP was the worst.) But, what else happened to Chelsie on The Bachelor? While Juan Pablo wasn’t exactly Prince Charming, Chelsie was always grateful for her time on the reality show. After being eliminated, she only had kind things to say about the leading man, who was perhaps the most controversial Bachelor star. Webster told the Coloradoan:

He did kind of rub some people the wrong way, but he was nothing but a gentleman to me … He didn’t seem like a player. He was very concerned, very considerate … He wasn’t a bad guy, I don’t think … I don’t think he was overly prepared.

Chelsie was, and is, so grounded and likable. That's why I'm glad she's getting a second chance at love on Bachelor in Paradise. But, first, what exactly went down with Chelsie Webster on The Bachelor? Here's a quick refresher before she hits Mexico.

She Was A Brainy, Nerdy Science Teacher

Can't you tell by the glasses she chose to wear in her limo exit and never again?

She Took Photos With Juan Pablo

I think it's evident by the fact that she's hardly in any of these that he was super into himself from day one.

She Bungee Jumped

It was a metaphor for falling in love, obvs.

Being Part Of A Group Dates Was A Breeze For Her

She is the oldest of four kids and part of a big family, which made group dates like this Korean dancing performance totally easy.

She Traveled All Over The World With Juan Pablo ... Only To Be Eliminated In Miami

Despite her rejection, Webster only had positive things to say about the travel opportunities the show opened up for her, like visiting Los Angeles, South Korea, Vietnam, New Zealand, and, in the end, Miami.

Now, she'll be traveling to Mexico for BiP, and I can't wait to see her and her dancing skills there.

Images: Screengrab (2), Christopher Jue/ABC; Martha Sorren/Bustle; helloloser