Chelsie From Juan Pablo's Season Is Back On TV

Despite not leaving with a ring on her finger, Chelsie Webster loved being on Juan Pablo's season of The Bachelor . She did finish in the Final 5 though, and, according to the ABC press release, Chelsie will soon be on Bachelor in Paradise to once again look for love. But, what has Chelsie been up to since she pursued Juan Pablo? Well, the Ohio native returned to her home state to resume life as normal — but with a few glamorous nights mixed in, according to her Instagram account. I mean, she was on The Bachelor, after all.

"I got to do things that never would have happened to me," Chelsie told The Desert Sun newspaper last year after her season ended. And, once it was all over, she expressed strong interest in returning to her normal life. "I love my family. I love my job," she said. "It’s a great life I’ve built for myself. I’m looking forward to getting back to it." The Ohio State alumna works as an educator at the Center of Science and Industry. And, as it turns out, she's still single and looking for love. Will she find it in Paradise? Only time will tell.

First things first, though. Here's what Chelsie's been up to since Juan Pablo's season.

Teaching Kids About Science

According to her LinkedIn profile, Chelsie is the Manager of Offsite Programming at COSI in Columbus, Ohio. Parents magazine once named it the No. 1 science center for families. It looks like a pretty cool and fun science museum!

Celebrating Her 26th Birthday

Ah, the big 2-6. It's a fun age.

Going To The Sharknado 3 Premiere

Chelsie walked the red carpet for the big threequel in the Sharknado series. Looks like it was a lot of fun.

Chilling With Her Cute Dog

Chelsie has lots of IG photos of her puppy, Brody. So adorable. She even calls him her "best friend." Aww.

Going To A Nashville Bachelorette Party

Chelsie enjoyed Music City with a bunch of friends for a Bachelorette party (not hers). In one of her photos, she called the city "friendship set to music" in the caption. Looks like they had a blast and painted the town red.

Running A Half Marathon

Running is tough. Running 13.1 miles — even tougher. But Chelsie and her pals were able to cross the finish line recently at the Carmel Half Marathon. It's definitely an achievement to be proud of.

Getting Married

Just kidding! Although she could potentially find her happily ever after in Paradise, this wedding dress was just a joke — for now.

Image: Craig Sjodin/ABC