Selena Gomez Poses In Her Underwear, But It's Not The First Time She's Shown Some Skin On Social Media

One young starlet is turning into quite the confident and well-dressed young lady right before our very eyes. Selena Gomez posted a sexy pic wearing little more than her underwear, and it goes to show that she’s continuing along her super body positive track. She’s just being her awesome self, and looking good while doing it. She can keep the selfies coming, as far as I’m concerned!

She captioned the photo, “Morning,” and all I’m saying is, I wish I woke up like that. Rolling out of bed donning nothing but leopard underwear, a tank top, and confidence. That’s the way to start your day, am I right? Give the girl some coffee, and she could handle anything! Between her hit songs (who doesn’t love a “Good For You” jam shesh?), Cheeto-eating habits and recent outfits, Gomez has been killing it lately. She’s loving herself and looking amazing while she’s at it. I don’t know about you, but she’s quickly becoming my role model.

This morning selfie isn’t the first time that Gomez has worn little more than underwear on social media. She’s not afraid to be all body posi and show some skin, and you’ve got to love that about her. Check out seven times she’s nearly bared all and get all of the inspiration you need for your next Instagram post.

Good morn-ing.

1. Thigh Action

Just casually flashing a little leg.

2. White Tee

She's looking good with nothing but a t-shirt on.

3. Giving Some Shoulder

Sometimes showing off the shoulder is a girl's secret weapon.

4. Towel Series

This is a gorgeous shot of her.

5. Full-Body Exposure

She's comfortable and confident here, and that's really the best part of all.

6. Up Close And Personal

You can't see much here, but you still get the feeling that she's baring it all, you know? She's just being herself, and I admire her for it.

7. Nap Time

Being this real must be exhausting. Time for a little nap.

No matter what she's wearing, she's stripped down in a different way, a way that shows her real self, and that's a beautiful thing.