Cheetos Are Part Of Selena's Beauty Routine

When people pull you down, sometimes humor is the best comeback. Selena Gomez Instagrammed herself eating Cheetos, showing all her fat shamers just where they can shove it, and her body positivity is pretty darn cool.

After wearing a bikini while in Mexico and getting ridiculously fat shamed, Selena proved she wasn't going to let the haters get her down, posting a photo declaring her self acceptance. And it seems like she's continuing with the body positivity. The 22-year-old posted a selfie on Sunday wearing a white robe and in full makeup, while eating a bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos. The picture was captioned, "Routine." She obviously has a good sense of humor (and a bit of a sassy attitude), and her positive outlook continues to make her an awesome role model.

But as inspiring as the post is intended to be, I do one have one bone to pick with it — like, where are the Cheeto stains? A white robe + Cheetos is basically a recipe for cheesy disaster, and her hands, lips, and robe are miraculously stain free. So she must be some kind of Cheeto-eating wizard, in which case she needs to share her secrets with the world.

...Or, you know, the picture was semi-staged. But body positivity still rules either way!

Images: Getty Images; selenagomez/Instagram