Anne Hathaway Is Producing A New Movie Project That Sounds Like A Hilarious Sci-Fi Adventure

I hesitate to say this, lest it throw everyone into a frenzy, but we've been doing a pretty good job lately of being human beings to Anne Hathaway. Not that we set the bar very high as far as what that means, but every day that passes and puts a little more distance between us and the Hathahate is a good thing. And she seems to think so too, as she's inching back into the spotlight with new projects, such as an upcoming sci-fi movie, The Shower, that Hathaway will produce and star in. The film will start in the midst of a baby shower, when guests find themselves witnessing a shower of another kind outside — a meteor shower — that somehow turns men into aliens, forcing the women to "fight to save themselves and the entire world."

Now, if we were still in the midst of harping on everything Hathaway said and did, some of you (or us, if I'm being honest and holding myself to the same standard) might be tempted to wonder outwardly whether meteor showers happen during the day, and if they don't, what kind of bizarro baby shower was happening at night, but that is not the world we live in anymore. And we're not gonna do that. Instead, we're not only gonna wait to see the actual movie before tearing it down, we're also gonna notice that in addition to "sci-fi," this film is also carrying the label of "action comedy," so it sounds like your girl knows that it's a bit of a farce. It seems like she's slowly but surely inching back out into the limelight, and embracing being a public figure again, so let me be the first to embrace her right back!

Because this project and many others genuinely do sound great, and I'm relieved that we're not missing out on it forever just because we drove Hathaway away by being total idiots. Phew. But, just in case you're still feeling a bit idiotic, Hathaway will be producing alongside her husband Adam Shulman, so I'm sure he'll be ready and willing to receive a quick eye roll if anyone gets out of hand.

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