What Is Kim Zolciak's Net Worth? The 'Don't Be Tardy' Is Successful In Many Ways

When she abruptly left Real Housewives of Atlanta during season five, I thought that Kim Zolciak Biermann's net worth would never compare to her fellow Housewives, and that her career on Bravo would never recover. But Kim always manages to defy expectations, so somehow, she went from a wildly popular Housewives franchise to her own successful spinoff, with a new family that has literally doubled in size since the show started back in 2012. It's no less impressive than her ability to turn a catchphrase and some strategic autotune into a hit single famous enough that it's the title of her spinoff series, Don't Be Tardy.


Yes, after five seasons of RHOA, a hit single, six kids, and four seasons of her own show, Kim has come a long way. And so, presumably, has her bank account. Even though Zolciak said on Watch What Happens Live that she would never confirm how much she's worth when Googling herself, sites like Celebrity Net Worth and Heavy have estimated her net worth as somewhere between $500,00 and $4 million, depending on whether you count Kroy Biermann's worth and when they made their reports. So while she might not be worried about the specifics of her wealth, that doesn't mean it's small. No, looking at how much she's achieved and how she's living shows that Kim is a success, no matter how you look at it.

She Started As A Single Mom

In season one of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kim was just a mom trying to support her two young daughters. Her sense of humor and her sideways approach to parenting (strict but wildly open about her own flaws) made her a star of the show.

She Met Kroy After Unsuccessful Relationships

As documented on RHOA, Kim never really had a great partner before Kroy. And after seeing her relationship with Big Papa on the show, and hearing some loud accusations from NeNe, everyone was skeptical about Kroy. But it turns out that Kim learned from her past relationships, and is now extremely happy with Kroy and their family.

She Has Her Dream House

Kim and Kroy customized their Atlanta mansion from the ground up. And that dream house has everything. After Kim's many years in her cramped townhouse, she went all in on that enormous palace. A house can be a huge asset, and according to The Daily Mail, they bought this one for $900,000 before giving it the makeover treatment.

She Supports Her Six Kids

A family that big is very expensive. But all six Zolciak-Biermann babies aren't just taken care of. They are pampered beyond belief. Hey, no hate — even when one kid has a bratty moment, Kim or Kroy is usually quick to call them on it. When it comes to parenting, Kim is definitely successful.

Kroy's Football Contract Contributes A Lot

Scott Cunningham/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

As a pro athlete, Kroy's contract info is pretty easy to find online. ESPN reported that the Atlanta Falcons re-signed Kroy for just under $2 million for 2015. And by investing in Kim and his new family, that must add to their overall net worth.

She Has The Best Wig Collection Money Can Buy

Wigs are expensive. You can track Kim's success by watching her wigs get more and more elaborate (and better and better in quality) as the series goes on. That's the best proof that, while she may have had some financial woes, Kim and Kroy are a successful couple; including in many ways that have nothing to do with net worth.

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