The Facebook Moments App Now Makes Music Videos Out Of Your Photos, Giving Your Life The Soundtrack It Deserves

Have you ever stopped mid-stride on any given day and thought, "If this was the movie of my life, this song would be playing at this very moment"? Who hasn't, right? Because deep down we all know that each and every day should be a whole lot more like a John Hughes movie, where meaningful moments are punctuated by music and Molly Ringwald is everyone's best friend. So, it would seem, do the sexy brains over at Facebook — because the Facebook Moments app now makes music videos out of your life. Tech sites are billing the app's facelift as a "smart move," and I think they definitely have it right.

The gist of it is this — Moments, which originally launched in June, catalogues all of the images in users' phones, makes a photo montage with groups of at least six images, and then turns them into short music videos. You can share these videos directly with friends or post them on your Facebook page, because what else is Facebook for but sharing things like this?

But unlike some of the social network's other less-than-stellar app launches (Slingshot was a bust, though Messenger has had its moments), Moments has real potential for staying power. After all, if similar app Flipagram is any indication, Millennials will latch onto the concept with the same fervor some of us reserve for the return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte.


The app update isn't without its limitations, though. Unlike other popular platforms, Moments can't be shared across social media — users can only sync up with contacts on or share to their Facebook account. Also, there will initially only be "about a dozen different background music options," says TechCrunch. It's gonna be a little tricky relaying the sum of my life's experience in a dozen songs, but I do love a good challenge.

On the plus side, the app can be used in 34 different languages. The soundtrack of your life may lack depth, but you can sure share the heck out of it! It's all explained in a colorful instructional video that, coincidentally, makes me think the movie of my life would be super fun in claymation.

So, in all likelihood, prepare yourself for a barrage of the following types of videos, which will inevitably flood your Facebook feed once the app catches on.

1. The Mommy Milestones Video


This video will be so filled with tiny humans, you'll never actually know who created it or more pressingly from whom said tiny humans sprung forth. This video will be a montage of firsts — first solid food, first steps, first time on the potty (yes, in picture form... hooray!) — and will send you scurrying to BabyCenter to scan forums that might reassure you your child is on a totally normal developmental path, despite the fact he wasn't pole vaulting by 18 months.

2. The Drunken Debauchery Video


Interestingly, this type of video bears remarkable similarities to the aforementioned video in that comically bad faces, questionable depth perception, napping in extremely uncomfortable places, lack of impulse control, and messy eating are equally prolific. Expect the Millennials in your life to default to this video. Popular themes include bachelor/bachelorette parties and Spring Break.

3. The Throwback Thursday Video


Who could resist the opportunity for a #TBT with music? Not this girl. Expect the soundtrack for this video to be nostalgic — its creator wants to tug at the ol' heartstrings with pictures of that time the two of you road-tripped to Graceland, the moment she stood by you at your wedding, or any other moment which might make you miss days gone by and/or question every fashion decision you've ever made.

4. The Tragedy Has Struck Video


Think of this video as a cinematic obituary — it will surface following the death of a loved one, the loss of a pet or any other emotionally devastating event in the user's life. As you scroll through pictures reminding you just how short life is, you may or may not feel inspired to call your mom. Yes, you will cry. No, I won't judge you.

5. The Best Vacation Ever Video


Hello, wanderlust! This video will remind you that the most exotic place you've seen lately is the inside of your favorite Thai-fusion restaurant. The attractive, worldly people in the video are always smiling because — gosh darnit — they're doing things like riding camels in the Outback or climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Images: Sascha Kohlmann/Flickr; Giphy (5)