'Parenthood' Star Mae Whitman & 7 More of TV's Best Criers

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Throughout this season of Parenthood, one of the biggest storylines has been the saga of Ryan and Amber (aka Ryber), a young couple deeply in love. Unfortunately for them, it's been a long journey these past few months: in just 10 episodes, we've seen Ryber do long-distance, get engaged, plan a wedding, un-plan said wedding, battle hesitant parents, re-plan said wedding, deal with Ryan's PTSD issues, and, last episode, (probably) break up when Ryan announced he'd reenlisted into the army.

Yet while we've always been rooting for Ryber to succeed, we can't help but be a little happy they've had so much trouble this season. Why? Because whenever Amber struggles, she cries — and Mae Whitman is the best crier on TV.

So sorry, Ryber, but keep those issues coming, so long as it means we'll get to see Whitman expertly sob all season long. And if you don't watch Parenthood (although you should) but love the waterworks? Here are seven other amazing TV criers.

Image: NBC

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