Did Jennifer Aniston Wear J.Crew On Her Wedding Day Or Is The Internet Making Up Rumors Again?

The rumor mill apparently isn't going to stop spinning, because according to Perez Hilton, a source has come forward with new details about Jennifer Aniston's wedding dress, and apparently Jennifer Aniston wore a J.Crew veil. I always thought she seemed super low-maintenance, and if the rumor is true, I love her even more.

Jen is notoriously private (she wouldn't even discuss the details of her now not-so-secret wedding to Justin Theroux with reporters), so I knew releasing photos of her dress was a total long shot. That fact alone made the hype surrounding the Facebook photo of Jen's "wedding dress" all the more hilarious, but it seems like the speculation ain't going to quit. Well, at least until she comments or releases photos to prove them wrong. According to Racked, an "Aniston insider" claims the actress wore a veil by J.Crew Bridal with a knee-length wedding dress that she bought off-the-rack (read: it didn't cost thousands of dollars).

This is definitely a rumor I'd believe. Jennifer is one of the most laid-back, down-to-earth celebrities, so I wouldn't think she'd get caught up in the big-name, designer hoopla. Plus, with that body, she'd look fan-freaking-tastic in, like, a white potato sack for crying out loud.

Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I won't believe anything until Jen confirms it herself, but just in case it turns out to be true, here's a few veils from J.Crew she could have worn:


This gauzy veil feels traditional, but would be just the right length for a knee-length dress. (Twigs & Honey Single Layer Fingertip Veil; $120; jcrew.com).


This short veil feels more modern, and would fit with Aniston's fun and fresh style. (Short Tulle Veil; $150; jcrew.com).


This seems a bit too dramatic for Jen, but as long as we're talking rumors, here, we might as well throw out all the possibilities. (Twigs & Honey Cathedral Veil; $165; jcrew.com).

Images: Getty Images; J.Crew