These Movie Dance Scenes Are Timeless

I know I'm not alone here when I say dance scenes in movies have given me unrealistic expectations about my own ability to break out a perfectly choreographed dance move when I need to impress someone, or get into an impromptu dance-off. In the movies, whether its a musical or not, it seems that most characters can dance like nobody's watching anytime they want to. It's unrealistic, true — but this magic has led to movie dance scenes that never get old.

In fact, there are so many indelible scenes from movies past and present, it's hard to narrow the list down. From Tom Cruise's tighty-whitey moves to the total swoon-inducing Pride & Prejudice waltzes, the list of unforgettable scenes could go on forever. Sadly, since there is not an endless amount of space on the Internet, I cannot give every dance its due — but I think the 11 scenes on this list will have you dancing around your room, office, or wherever you may be when you're reading this. (If you get any funny stares, just pretend you're Sinatra singing in the rain without a care in the world. Isn't that what dancing is all about anyway?)

These scenes aren't just classics, they are little slices of dance motivation. Just because you're not Channing Tatum that doesn't mean you can't totally own the dance floor like these awesome characters:

1. "The Time Of Your Life," Dirty Dancing (1987)

Every dance scene in Dirty Dancing is gold, but Baby and Johnny's final dance — which awakens the groove of a room full of elderly, WASP vacationers — is triumphant. And Baby nails the lift! There's no way you can stay seated during this scene.

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2. Prom Dance, She's All That (1999)

Remember when She's All That basically stopped the movie for the most epic, meticulously choreographed prom dance of all time? These were truly the best of times.

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3. "Mambo," West Side Story (1961)

West Side Story is just one gorgeous dance scene after another, but "Mambo" is so flawless and beautiful thanks to the cinematography that it just slightly edges out the other sequences for me. The Jets scene still deserves a special shout-out though!

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4. "Come and Get Your Love," Guardians Of The Galaxy (2014)

Within a span of roughly 10 minutes, Guardians of the Galaxy took me from weeping over Peter's deceased mother to laughing hysterically as he danced his way through a deserted space landscape. Music is an integral part of Guardians — and as much as I love Peter's dance moves in the end — his opening number will always have my heart.

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5. Wall-E & Eve Dance In Space, WALL-E (2008)

Maybe I'm a sucker for dancing in space, but Wall-E and Eve dancing against a backdrop of endless stars is one of cinema's greatest moments.

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6. "The Twist" Contest, Pulp Fiction (1994)

"The Twist" dance in Pulp Fiction became iconic the moment it hit the big screen. It remains a cultural touchstone, and shows like Gilmore Girls, Community, and Scream have all referenced it — proving it has already stood the test of time.

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7. Detention Dance, The Breakfast Club (1985)

The disparate group of misfits who find themselves stuck in detention together don't have much in common... aside from some sweet dance moves. The Breakfast Club dance scene is '80s cool at its best.

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8. "Old Time Rock & Roll," Ricky Business (1983)

Cruise is all of us in this scene. He made dancing solo in your underwear look like more fun than a thousand dance parties.

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9. Ballroom Dance; Pride & Prejudice (2005)

The sexual tension in this scene is off the charts insane. The chaste dancing takes on a whole new level of sexiness when Darcy and Elizabeth hit the dance floor.

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10. Jack & Rose, Titanic (1997)

Best. Dance. Party. Ever. Jack and Rose's dance off is all kinds of beautiful — and when they start spinning, it's like actual magic is happening.

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11. The Beatnik Dance, Funny Face (1957)

"I rather feel like expressing myself!" Audrey Hepburn makes everything look cool, even impromptu expressionistic dance.

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Anyone else feel like dancing now? Crank that music up and channel your inner Hepburn.

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