Will Any 'SNL’ Cast Members Leave After Season 41? Several Are Stars On The Rise

How excited are you for Saturday Night Live Season 41? Straight out of the gate, it's looking like it's going to be quite the season — after all, SNL has announced their first three hosts, and it's quite the bunch: Miley Cyrus will host the premiere, Amy Schumer will take on Episode 2, and Tracy Morgan will make his first post-accident TV appearance for Episode 3. SNL even added a new player to the game: Jon Rudnitsky. But, amidst all of that fanfare, I'm left to wonder will anyone be leaving the SNL cast after Season 41?

The October premiere looms ever closer, and it's been confirmed that last year's cast will retrun in its entirety. But, what about after Season 41? There are some growing careers at studio 8H, and that could lead some to fly the SNL coop, a la ultra-successful recent alums like Kristen Wiig (whose film career is going swimmingly) and Bill Hader? (I mean, did you see Trainwreck?)

Well, Kate McKinnon's the obvious choice on that front — she's easily one of SNL's recent breakout stars (with a few Emmy noms under her belt, no less), and with Ghostbusters currently in the pipeline, her star's definitely on the rise. Ghostbusters co-star Leslie Jones could find herself in a similar situation — she, too, has a fair number of new films on the horizon. Oh, and let's not forget Vanessa Bayer — while working on SNL, Bayer's managed to build up a pretty nifty resume of TV appearances on popular shows (she was on and episode of The Mindy Project, and she had a little arc on Portlandia).

What do you think? Do you think all current cast members will be staying on for the entirety of Season 41 and beyond? Or do you think some of them will be taking off? Only time will tell! But, at least for now we know that Season 41 will bring more of the same hilarity and fun.

Images: Dana Edelson/NBC