'Key & Peele' Hilariously Shows The Silver Lining Of Snitching With A Special Guest Star — VIDEO

We all know the old adage from pop culture: "Snitches get stitches." Snitching on your friends is morally wrong, that's obvious. But there is a silver lining to snitching if you really think about, and that's what Key & Peele has found and shown us in signature hilarious fashion. On Wednesday night's episode of the hit Comedy Central series, Keegan Michael Key and Jordan Peele play a couple of guys waiting with their friend, special guest star Mekhi Phifer, to be interrogated about a liquor store robbery committed by someone in their gang. Peele's character goes in first and the other two wait and remind each other not to snitch. Unfortunately Peele's character is doing just that as he's figured out the upside to snitching to the cops: Free stuff.

When Peele's character first comes out of the police holding room with a bag of potato chips, Key calls him out on it but Phifer's character insists that Peele is his cousin and a "stand up g" who would never snitch. But when Peele realizes that he had the wrong information about "who shot up that liquor store," he goes back in with the police and as Key accurately accuses, he tells the cops the truth about the real culprit. When he comes back out of the room, his bag of chips gets updated to a slice of pizza. When Key finally threatens Peele to stop snitching or he'll bury him in his mother's basement "with all the other snitches," the snitching gets personal and what Peele leaves the police station with is pretty damn cool.

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So what did we learn today? Police officers are apparently getting much smarter about how to get people to turn on each other. And snitches might get stitches, but they also seem to get a lot of really cool, free stuff.

Images: Screenshot/Comedy Central