Taylor Swift & Lisa Kudrow Perform "Smelly Cat" In A Magical Duet We Didn't Know That We Needed — VIDEO

Remember when Taylor Swift brought, uh, just about everyone should possibly think of from Los Angeles onstage with her during the 1989 Tour, and every single time we thought she couldn't top herself? Well, she just has, because, on Wednesday, Swift performed "Smelly Cat" with Lisa Kudrow — aka the classic song invented by her character, Phoebe Buffay, from Friends. Of course, we here at Bustle have gone so far to break down what makes up the "Smelly Cat" song before, but never before have I, or anyone else, thought of adding Swift to the mix. Heck, I didn't even know that Swift was a fan of Friends. But now I know. Now the world knows. Because Phoebe Buffay and Swift did a duet of "Smelly Cat" that reduced the adoring audience into a quivering, screaming mess.

The iconic '90s show aired its final episode in 2004, two years before Swift would release her self-titled debut country album, but, in light of her duet with Kudrow last night, it's really hard not to sit here and wish that Swift could have had a cameo on the show. Maybe she could have even played a Buffay sister that wasn't Ursula. I'm desperate here, you guys, to make more of the magic that is Swift performing classic Friends songs with a classic Friends actress.

But I have other ideas as to how to make this magical moment happen again — not specifically with the addition of the actress formerly known as Phoebe Buffay, mind you, but just in ways that combine how much we love Swift with how much we love Friends. Hopefully, she is out there listening to my pleas.

1. She Could Debut The Rachel Hairstyle

Swift already has the length going for her. Now, all she really has to do is some layering, and some coloring, and, boom, she's walking out on stage in a sparkling leotard and the hairstyle that captivated the world in the '90s.

2. She Could Perform A Skit With The Other Friends Actors

It would be like that Jimmy Kimmel Friends reunion, except with all of the actors there. Because it's Taylor Swift. Who wouldn't want to be on stage with Taylor Swift if she asked them to come?

3. She Could Perform A Skit With The Other Friends Actors In Which She Is Phoebe

I could see this so perfectly in my mind that it hurts me that she hasn't done this yet. Imagine her as Phoebe, guitar in hand and nonsensical sounds passing from her lips. Imagine the rest of the actors interacting with her as if that's not, you know, Taylor Swift. It's comedy gold that basically writes itself. Chandler alone would have a field day with the jokes.

4. She Could Cover The Friends Theme Song

This honestly should have been the next thing that she and Kudrow did after performing "Smelly Cat." I mean, honestly. Either that, or bring Meredith and Olivia out on stage to pretend to be the titular Smelly Cat(s).

5. She Could Play An Episode In The Background At Her Concert

Hey, instead of using those screens to broadcast what's going on onstage for the people in the back, she could try broadcasting an episode of Friends for the people in the back. They might miss what's going on on the stage, but at least they won't be bored. Who doesn't wish they were watching Friends wherever they go?

6. She Could Make Friends References In Her Songs

When she's done doing press for 1989, she could sit down and start writing songs for her next album that slip a Friends reference into every second verse. I bet that song would hit the top of the charts for more reasons than one.

7. Lisa Kudrow Could Just Open For Her Forever

This would be my preferred option, because Swift and Kudrow singing duets together is something that I didn't know that I wanted until it happened. Between Swift being Swift and Kudrow being Phoebe Buffay, the two blondes could honestly take over the world, just like they've already taken over our hearts. Leave it to Swift to put on a tour that no one will ever forget.

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