Taylor Swift & Phoebe Buffay Have More Than "Smelly Cat" In Common, So We Should Have Seen This Coming

It was the collaboration we didn't know we needed, but has given us so much life. On Wednesday night, at her final Los Angeles concert, Taylor Swift sang "Smelly Cat" with Lisa Kudrow. Yes, in her now-iconic "Please welcome to the stage!" moment that she has done on every stop on the 1989 tour so far, Swift brought out Phoebe Buffay herself, and they both sang the classic ditty from Friends while each was playing guitar.

It's beyond exciting to learn that Swift is a Friends fan. The singer who has given us so many #FriendshipGirls probably got her friendship goals from the Friends themselves. As a huge Friends fanatic, I always assumed Swift was more of a Rachel or a Monica. She has an air about her, being both polished and fun-loving, that kind of reminds me of Jennifer Aniston. She also appears to be more straight-laced, and a little more basic than a Phoebe, if you will. But, after seeing Swift's rendition of "Smelly Cat," a close analysis reveals that she may be a Phoebe after all.

In addition to their singing and songwriting talents, here are the big things that Taylor Swift and Phoebe Buffay have in common.

1. They've Both Have A Long List Of Ex-Lovers

They're just two beautiful blondes enjoying their youth. Though I like to believe that Phoebe and Mike will be forever, rather than go down in flames.

2. They're Both Loyal Friends

Phoebe, Rachel, and Monica are the original #GirlSquad. Meanwhile, based on Instagram alone, Swift and her squad spend as much time together as the Friends do, and really look out for one another.

3. They Both Have Alter-Egos

Swift's alter-ego from the "Bad Blood" video is slightly more dangerous than Regina Phalange, the name Phoebe used at the casino in Vegas and when she wanted to keep her real identity on the down low over the years. Still, they are united in their ability to come up with good alter-egos.

4. They Both Have Strong Connections to Their Cats

I know Swift really loves Olivia and Meredith, but I don't think she's at Phoebe's level. In Season 4, Phoebe literally thought that a cat was the reincarnation of her mother. Based on her Instagram, Swift loves her cats, but strictly as cats.

5. They Both Sing a Lot About Break Ups

If only Phoebe would release a full album on the subject. She was busking in the subway station with her song "Your Love," which bares thematic similarities to Swift's "All Too Well."

6. They Both Send Empowering Messages

Phoebe is definitely fun to dance to "Shake It Off" with. She always encourages her friends to be bold and stand up for themselves, while Swift has been telling people to believe in themselves and shake off the haters for years.

7. They're Both Super Sexy

Meow, Smelly Cat. Need I say more?

Now that Swift has covered one of Phoebe's songs, it's only fair that Phoebe covers one of hers. I'm thinking an "Ode to a Pubic Hair"/"Shake It Off" mashup.

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