Will Drake & Serena Williams Go To The VMAs Together? Here's Why They Should

Ever since Drake and Serena Williams were caught on camera getting pretty cozy, there has been much speculation that the duo are an item. Neither Drake nor Williams have confirmed this much, but it is undeniable that the two have grown closer. With the MTV Video Music Awards set to take place on Aug. 30, some fans might be wondering if the two have grown close enough to make a red carpet debut. Will Drake and Serena Williams will go to the VMAs together?

Considering the two have been pretty tight-lipped about their potential relationship, we likely will not know whether they will step out together until the actual big night. Plus, neither of them have been confirmed to be attending in the first place, so for now it is all speculation. But we do know one thing: Drake is a pretty big Serena Williams fan. And he's not afraid to show it. From posting supportive photos of the her on his Instagram account after her big Wimbledon win to shouting her out in some of his latest songs, the rapper has made his admiration for the tennis star loud and clear. And of course, ever since they were caught getting extra close, there is much speculation that this admiration goes beyond her on-point athletic skills.

Considering the pictures of them together are now out in the open, they just might take this opportunity to slay the award show together. And if Drake and Williams are comfortable with it, they totally should. Here are a few reasons why.

A Chance To See Their Red Carpet Fashion

Mark Mainz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

One of the big reasons why people tune into award shows is the celebrity fashion on the red carpet. Both Drake and Williams have great fashion sense in their own right and have demonstrated their ability to master the red carpet. It would be really amazing to see what they could come up with together, especially if it was coordinated in some way.

A Moment For A Picture Perfect Smooch

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We've already seen them (maaaaybe) kiss on the low-key, but taking on the red carpet together would give them a chance to showcase their sweet show of affection in a much, well, less blurry light than in those headline-making grainy photos that are floating around.

A Great Show Of Support For Drake

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Drake is not up for any VMA noms this year (for shame!), but his label mate and pal Nicki Minaj is, along with some of his other buds. Also, it has been rumored that there could be a few surprise performances on Sunday night, so there is still a chance that Drake may take the stage (fingers crossed!). Since the rapper has hit up quite a few tennis matches of Williams', it'd be awesome if she was in the building supporting one of his industry's biggest nights. It could also be an opportunity for her to get to know his friends better!

A Chance To Bond Over All The Craziness

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Honestly, between Miley Cyrus hosting the famously wild and unpredictable show and Kanye West receiving the Video Vanguard Award, just about anything could go down. One thing is for sure, this is no date where you would have nothing to talk about!