Watch Usain Bolt Get Wiped Out By A Segway, Just Minutes After Winning A Huge Race — VIDEO

One cameraman in Beijing almost became public enemy No. 1 in Jamaica. Minutes after Usain Bolt won his fourth consecutive 200m world championship title against American Justin Gatlin at the 2015 IAAF World Championship in Beijing, the Jamaican sprinter was attacked by the dorkiest thing on two wheels. A cameraman on a Segway knocked over Usain Bolt to the ground, cutting short the sprinter's celebration and sending the entire country of Jamaica into a panic. When Bolt got up after the spill and continued to run his victory lap, showing that he was fine, the crowd — and Jamaica — heaved a sigh of relief. And whatever bounty might have been posted on the cameraman's head was canceled.

Thursday's race was another major milestone for Bolt, who bested Gatlin to garner his 10th world championship gold medal. Ten gold medals is clearly a major reason to celebrate, and that's what Bolt set out to do, as he gleefully walked around the track to take photos with the crowd. Naturally, a moment like this should be documented, which is why a cameraman on a Segway was following closely behind Bolt, capturing his post-win joy. Unfortunately, the cameraman accidentally ran into a railing, lost his balance, and fell backwards, taking Bolt out with him.

It was a terrifying moment for Bolt's fans and his home country, but because he's basically a superhuman who never ceases to amaze us mere mortals, Bolt emerged from his fall unscathed. Not only was he unscathed, but he made wiping out look super cool. Instead of clumsily getting up, reaching for the extended hand of another, Bolt smoothly transitioned his tumble into a slick, ninja-like backwards roll that landed him back on his two feet. Not only is he widely known as the fastest human on earth, but he's also now the most badass faller in history.

Bolt further illustrated his ballerness when he later viewed a video of his fall and laughed it off, saying, "Oh, took me out like! Bro!" How can one man be so cool?

As for the cameraman... well, unfortunately, the same can't be said about him. Not only did he have an entire stadium full of people shaking their heads at him for his face-palm move, but the guy was on a Segway, so he was already fighting an uphill battle.

Watch a video of the cringeworthy fall below.