7 Crazy Creative Ways To Fill Your Blank Walls

There is just something kind of sad about a plain, boring, blank wall — especially when you could use it as a canvas to totally show off your personality and flair for amazing design. Looking for ideas? Hometalk has compiled seven ways to decorate an empty wall, meaning it is time to get to work. No need to stock up on posters or cheap prints (you are not in college anymore, after all). Instead, do things the DIY way. Fabric, washi tape, old picture frames, and even handbags can all be put to good use on your wall. No need to look any further for cheap and easy DIY ideas — Hometalk has you covered right here.

Leaving large walls open in your home is kind of like hanging up a blank canvas — it is a missed opportunity (and a little silly to do). If filling up those empty spaces feels like a chore, or worse, a budget-blowing luxury, these creative DIY ideas from Hometalk bloggers may be exactly what you are looking for. These are budget-friendly, super cute, and not too challenging, so instead of leaving your spaces blank or opening up your wallet, open up your mind, and get a little DI-why not!

1. Cover a wall with fabric (completely reversible!)

Did you know that a large piece of fabric makes for wonderful wallpaper? All you have to do is roll it up there using some liquid starch, and it will stay put until you're ready for a new look. Then, it's as simple as pulling it down!

Project via Lesley @Chaotically Creative

2. Make an easy graphic using scrap wood

Using two pieces of scrap wood, frame a printed graphic with this cool hanging art idea, to make anything look like a masterpiece.

Project via Katy @A Shade of Teal

3. Turn a large thrift store frame into color block art

The best part about this DIY is that you don't have to be a photographer or an artist to add decor to your walls. Simply rescue a large framed picture from your local thrift store, and add paint and gold leaf for this two-toned piece that makes a statement in any room.

Project via Jess @Domicile 37

4. Create a soothing collage

Give your bedroom or living room a design that will instantly calm your space by using cut-up old belts to hang nature-themed prints in mismatched thrift store frames. It may sounds complicated, but just look at that soothing display, and try to deny your jealousy.

Project via Cat @Pocketful of Posies

5. Organize your accessories

Fun and functional go hand in hand when you're talking wall decor, which is why we love this unique handbag wall. Bright, practical, and pretty, this is a great way to make use of your empty walls even if you're not in to adding extra "stuff" to your home.

Project via Kris @Driven by Decor

6. Paint a design on wood slices

If you prefer textured pieces to flat artwork, add a little depth to your wall design by using natural elements. This framed wood slice masterpiece is perfect for adding a pop of color to an uninspiring space, or for tying together different elements of a room.

Project via Katie @Upcycled Treasures

7. When in doubt, use washi tape

Break out your favorite rolls of washi tape, and get to work creating a wall-wide design that will turn your blank space into an eye-catching accent wall. Make sure to measure before you start, so that you don't end up having to redo your work.

Project via Kathy @Up to Date Interiors

For more ways to fill your walls, check out the wall decor page on Hometalk!