9 Ways To Give Your Home An Instant Makeover

You don't need to spend a ton of money to spruce up your space — sometimes, all you need is a few quick yet clever DIY home makeover ideas to instantly give your surroundings a boost. Hometalk has rounded up nine brilliant ways to immediately erase all things drab, without doing any more work than you have to. Seriously, these projects are ridiculously simple.

No matter how much you clean and organize your home, there will always be certain spots that you just can’t prettify. Your bulky AC unit, your awkwardly placed vents, the hulking TV that’s smack in the middle of your living room wall — sometimes those functional things can really bring down your decor. But since you’re not getting rid of them (in this summer, it’s AC over style any day!), disguise them to blend in with the rest of your home.

These nine brilliant DIYs can help you turn that messy corner into a space that you’re proud to show off, come family visits and summertime events. Say goodbye to the tangle of cables beside your TV console, because after you read this, you’ll know just how to stow that, and the rest of your household eyesores, in no time.

1. Hide that huge TV screen

If you’re an avid TV watcher, you shouldn't have to sacrifice your downtime for your design. A large graphic or painting can easily cover your screen, or even some homemade bi-fold doors crafted from thrift store picture frames.

Project via Christen @Blue Egg Brown Nest

2. Disguise your bulky AC wall unit

Don’t let an ugly wall unit be your decor demise! Instead, take a quick trip to IKEA and turn an inexpensive cabinet into a chic display piece that simultaneously hides your AC eyesore. Leave the doors open when the air is blasting, and close them up during the cooler months.

Project via Mara @Design Evolving

3. Stow your cable box

Got any book covers you’re willing to part with? Simply tuck your cable box inside an empty cover, and arrange it tastefully on your bookshelf. This simple hack takes just moments, and it can turn your Internet router or cable box from clutter to cute.

Project via Amanda @Hammer & Heels

4. Make those tangled wires disappear

If you’re looking for the simplest way to turn your tangled wires and cords into covert operatives, all you need is a quick trip to your closest office supply store. With some simple tools, make your TV console or table work for you by hiding your unwanted mess out of sight.

Project via Rachel @Like a Saturday

5. Cover an AC floor unit

Some places do sell decorative covers for your radiator or AC unit, but none are quite as functional or budget-friendly as this clever design. Turn your annoyingly placed unit into a small side table, or even a convenient shoe rack, with this decor-saving DIY.

Project via Isabelle @Engineer Your Space

6. Distract passers-by from your garbage

If you’ve got a trash can corner bringing down your curb appeal, we’ve got a way for you to keep it under wraps. Create a vertical garden wall to block that unsightly area, and amp up your outdoor greenery.

Project via Rita and Cane @This Sorta Old Life

7. Pretty-up vent covers

Hate those slated metal grates? You’re not the only one, which is why this decorative vent idea is a true home decor life-saver. Add some charming flavor, with a country-style vent cover that can turn your biggest design pet peeve into your favorite home detail.

Project via Jessica @Dear Emmeline

8. Keep your trash bin tucked away

Isn’t it strange that we keep that trash bin full of inedible scraps and withered produce in the same place that we enjoy our meals? Gross! But because we all need that bin handy, instead of relocating it, the best option is to tuck it away behind the door of a cabinet or a pretty curtain.

Project via Jeanette @Creating a Life

9. Conceal your ugly utility boxes

Block your exterior utility boxes and wires with this quick, pretty upcycle. Simply take a few tall pieces of wood or plastic, or repurpose some old shutters, to disguise the space with an attractive cover that also adds to your garden.

Project via Diana

For more hacks, hints, and how-tos to get the look your home is craving, check out Hometalk’s home decor page!

Image: A Beautiful Mess