Tween Kate Moss Covers 'L'Officiel' Spain's First Issue, 7 Other Times The Model Killed It When She Was Young

She's is no stranger to magazine covers, but her latest feature may come as bit of a surprise. Debuting their Spanish edition this September, L'Officiel magazine put tween Kate Moss on their cover. No fancy photo shoots, no crazy hair and makeup, just the model looking all-natural as a pre-teen. And of course, even in some of the worst pubescent stages of anyone's life, she still looks flawless.

For their inaugural issue, L'Officiel Spain wanted to highlight strong, accomplished women named Kate, or some variation of it, according to Fashionista. From Catherine Deneuve (a French actress) to Katherine Anne Porter (the American Pultizer-Prize winning journalist), the magazine titled their feature "Kate The Great." Being a fashion magazine, it's only fitting that they included Moss, who is one of the most well-known models in the world. Thus, it was probably a no-brainer to have her on the cover as well.

The photo they chose couldn't be any cuter. The image, seemingly taken from a yearbook, features Moss with her classic gap teeth, dirty-blonde hair, and wide-set eyes. I'm sure that when this photo was taken, Moss had no idea that within a few years she would be photographed for billboards, fashion campaigns, and global advertisements, and that her name would forever remain iconic in the fashion industry and beyond.

That's what makes this photo so great. When Moss, as well as all the other featured Kates and Katherines, was young, she had no idea where life would take her. It's nice for a brand new magazine to look back at industry icons and celebrate accomplished women, rather than featuring the latest Insta-girl on the cover. As much as I love a good trendy celeb, there's no doubt that Moss is a more iconic choice for a fashion magazine. And the fact that it's a photo from before she was a legend makes it all the more special.

Since it is Thursday, it's only fitting that we continue the throwback theme and revisit other old photos of Moss. She may well be a vampire with how little she's aged over her decades-long career. I have no doubt there are plenty more magazine covers in her future.

1. With Johnny Depp

Barry King/WireImage/Getty Images

Remember when Kate Moss and Johnny Depp dated? They were a beyond beautiful couple. Even though it didn't work out, their two sets of amazing cheekbones could have lived happily ever after. Sigh.

2. Modeling Photo

Rose Hartman/WireImage/Getty Images

Clearly, Moss was born with her doe-eyed freckled look.

3. With Johnny Depp Again

Kevin.Mazur/WireImage/Getty Images

They were almost as sweet as Depp and Winona Ryder, the OG of epic '90s couples.

4. Sharing A Moment With Marc

Kevin.Mazur/WireImage/Getty Images

Here we get the bonus of spotting a baby Marc Jacobs with youthful Moss. They're so young here!

5. On The Runway

John T. Barr/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

So. Glam.

6. Perry Ellis Show, 1988

Obviously, Moss killed it at her first NY runway show for Marc Jacobs, back when he was the creative director of Perry Ellis. Would you expect anything less?

7. i-D Magazine, 1989

In her first photo shoot ever, at a ripe 14-years-old, Moss wore a crown. Pretty fitting, since they don't call her Kate The Great for nothing!