13 Moments From Hillary Clinton's Cleveland Speech That Will Make Her Supporters Proud

Taking the stage at Freiberger Field at Case Western University on Thursday morning, Hillary Clinton addressed gun control in Cleveland, Ohio, as well as Black Lives Matter, her Republican opponents, and the American people, with a focus on the residents of Ohio. The event comes one day after a gunman shot and killed two Virginia journalists, Alison Parker and Adam Ward, who were on the job — an incident that reflects a dire need to address both gun control and prevalent racial tension. These issues were the main components of Clinton's speech, which saw her taking on a noticeably more emphatic and assertive tone, particularly when speaking about gun violence.

Clinton's stop in Cleveland follows an appearance in Iowa the day before, when the presidential candidate addressed the Virginia shooting as details were still emerging. She told the crowd at Des Moines Area Community College that she felt "great heartache" over the incident, and pledged to take on gun violence as president. She vowed:

We have got to do something about gun violence in America. And I will take it on.

On Thursday, she delivered a similar message to supporters in Cleveland, addressing once again the shootings that are "stalking our country." In addition to gun control, Clinton also addressed Black Lives Matter (in a city that's seen its fair share of racial unrest), and praised the state of Ohio for its loyalty and progress.

Here are some outstanding quotes from Clinton's speech in Cleveland.

On Gun Violence

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"It is time to really come to grips with this ... I am going to keep going. I am not giving up."

"A majority of Americans and a majority of gun owners support universal background checks in America."

"I am not going to sit by while more good people die."

On Black Lives Matter

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"Here in Cleveland, you know this. Tamir Rice isn’t here. He should be. He should be alive. He should be healthy."

"We do have to say loudly and clearly: Black Lives Matter.""Disillusionment with politics is part of America's DNA."

On Her Republican Opponents

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"Don’t be distracted by the flamboyant frontrunner."

"They're all 'Trumps,' but without the hair."

On Cleveland And Ohio

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"I love coming here. I love seeing the progress. I love seeing the new construction in this area.""I will never forget what Ohio did for me in 2008. You lifted me up when I was down and out."

On America

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"Let’s go build America. Take back the opportunity and promise that should be our birthright!"

On The American People

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"What matters is the people we are ... I think about that all the time on the campaign trail."

"I want to let you know that as your president, first and foremost, I will be a champion for our children."