The Best Music Video About Sex. Ever.

Many of life's greatest pleasures are messy. Whether you're indulging in barbecue, ice cream sundaes, loaded nachos or period sex, only those willing to get down and dirty reap the rewards. It should come as no surprise that many folks who don't mind dealing with a little clean up when it comes to food often aren't so keen when it comes to getting sloppy while getting it on. That said, others are all about it, and to those proud, red-blooded Americans, singer songwriter Rachel Lark has created a sex positive anthem just for you.

According to an interview in Salon, Lark wanted to write a song that normalized the menstrual sensual, and even managed to get fans to fund a gore-infused video through Kickstarter to accompany it. The track, aptly titled "Warm, Bloody, and Tender" (I know, right?!) is uber catchy and does not mince words. The chorus goes: "just like steak, p*ssy tastes better when it's warm, bloody, and tender," and the verse describes a girl who tricks her male friend into period sex in the dark, only to find that when the lights are on, he's more than happy to oblige. Kind of partwarming, isn't it?

Here are three reasons to have sex on the rag (as if you needed any more encouragement):

1. There's No Shortage Of Lubrication

If you struggle with lubrication at other times of the month, period sex provides a welcome oasis of free-flowing sex juice.

3. You Can Distract Yourself From Cramps, PMS, And Headaches

Orgasms have been scientifically-proven to dull pain, and since periods bring a constant flood of aches and awfulness, why not follow Peaches' time-tested advice to f*ck the pain away?

3. It Encourages Body-Positivity

Being body positive means not only accepting your body's shape, but also accepting your body's natural functions, too. Every time you ride nature's scarlet slip 'n' slide, it's a win for self-acceptance.

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