'Friday Night Lights' Star Kyle Chandler's New Series Isn't Happening, Here's What He Should Do Instead

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The cast of Friday Night Lights are really trying their hardest to crush all of their fans. We've known for a little while that Kyle Chandler didn't want a movie, then creator Peter Berg said he didn't either, and then, Tim Riggins (okay, Taylor Kitsch) betrayed us by saying that he didn't, either.

It seemed one of the few things we had to look forward to was Chandler's new Showtime series The Vatican. Oh, but as of Thursday, it's cancelled. Apparently, the pilot didn't turn out as well as Showtime expected, and the series is over before it even began.

So if the Friday Night Lights movie isn't happening (for now) and The Vatican is a no-go, Chandler should have some time on his hands. We've come up with a few ideas of other shows where he would fit right in.

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